Diamond Mowers Drum Mulcher Proves to be a Lucky Charm for Shamrock Dirt and Forestry

Versatile Skid-Steer Attachment Answers the Call for Tennessee Land Clearing Business

Best known for its 70-foot scale model of the Eiffel Tower, Paris, Tennessee is also home to Shamrock Dirt and Forestry, LLC, a family-owned and operated business run by President and CEO Patrick Jacobs. Experienced in land clearing, brush cutting, and dirt work, the company also provides demolition, excavation, and forestry services for customers in Ala., Ark., Ill., Ky., Miss., Tenn., and beyond, and built one of Tennessee’s premier Motocross facilities.

The Shamrock team utilizes Diamond Mowers’ 60” Skid-Steer Drum Mulcher on its John Deere 333G Compact Track Loader to shred Red and White Oak, Poplar, Maple, Gum, and Locust trees common in their service area. Ideal for turning brush and trees into a finer mulch for quick composition, the powerful attachment provides optimal control, making it safe to use near homes, busy roads, livestock, and utility lines.

“This mulcher has been a game-changer for us in many ways. A great feature of this unit is its efficiency. With better fuel efficiency, cooler running temperatures, and a head that produces smaller mulch for a better-finished product, it has helped us increase revenue and customers,”

noted Jacobs.

Jacobs and his crew noticed quickly how Diamond’s versatile Skid-Steer Drum Mulcher outperformed a unit they had recently purchased from another brand. Featuring patented depth control rings to regulate bite-size, two-speed variable displacement piston motors for enhanced productivity and visibility, and anti-wrap plates to prevent materials from wrapping around the drum, the attachment exceeded expectations and gave the Shamrock team confidence to tackle any land clearing project.

While the company’s core focus is land clearing and dirt work, Shamrock Dirt and Forestry also works with customers in need of demolition, excavation, and forestry services. Projects as varied as these call for high-performance equipment that can clear acres of growth and deliver reliable, quality results. Ideal for small- to large-scale mulching and brush clearing applications, Diamond Mowers’ Skid-Steer Drum Mulcher is available in 60” and 72” cutting widths, compatible with low- and high-flow machines, and can process material up to 9” in diameter.

As far as Diamond Mowers’ customer service goes, Jacobs said,

“We haven’t had any issues but calling in with questions has been a breeze. Our questions have always been answered quickly and professionally.”

When asked if he would recommend Diamond Mowers, Jacobs’ response was emphatic.

“Absolutely! We love to do business with great companies that offer great products. Diamond builds great products and that makes it easy for us to suggest them to others,”

he explained.