EIMA is Back on Track with the First European In-person exhibition: 1,350 Exhibitors and More than 40,000 Machines

Yesterday, our team was happy to take part in EIMA International Press Conference, which took place in Bologna. After two year-stop the Ag Machinery returns  with exhibitors coming from 43 different countries, more than 40,000 machines and a special focus on agriculture technology. about 160,000 visitors expected

In the first nine months of the year, tractor registrations grew by 43.8%, and strong increases were recorded for all other types of machinery. The excellent performance of the domestic market combined with the growth of exports – says Alessandro Malavolti, president of the manufacturers – will lead to an overall turnover of the Italian industry of no less than 14 billion Euros by the end of the year. 

Alessandro Malavolti, Simona Rapastella, Gianpiero Calzolari, Matteo Lepore

 The Italian agricultural machinery market is moving at record pace. In the first nine months of the year, tractor registrations – according to data processed by FederUnacoma on the basis of registrations provided by the Ministry of Transport, and released this afternoon in Bologna – grew by 43.8% compared to the same period of 2020, with 18,500 units sold; combine harvesters grew by 50.4% with 358 units; transporters grew by 18.9% with 497 units sold, trailers grew by 27.3% (7,459 units) and, finally, agricultural telehandlers, which with 1,156 vehicles sold in the nine months showed an increase of 78.4%.

As far as operating machines and equipment are concerned, the “Barometer” survey carried out by FederUnacoma shows that 83% of companies recorded an increase in turnover in the first half of the year, and 54% recorded increases of more than 20%. A very positive year also for the components sector, which, according to Comacomp (FederUnacoma) surveys, saw an increase in turnover in the first half of the year for 94% of the companies surveyed, with 67% recording increases of more than 20%. FederUnacoma calculations forecast overall increases of around 25% by the end of the year.

“The good performance of the domestic market is combined with the growth that the sector is recording at global level, and this is driving the production of Italian industries that are particularly competitive on foreign markets. The value of exports of tractors in the first six months of the year rose to 846 million euros with a trade balance of 494 million (+65%), while for other agricultural machinery the first half of the year reached an export value of over 2 billion euros (+24%), for a trade balance of over 1.37 billion euros (+19%).”

explained FederUnacoma President Alessandro Malavolti during the conference.

“The excellent phase of the domestic market combined with the growth in exports suggests a very substantial increase in Italian production which should reach 14 billion euros by the end of the year, with a growth of 22.4% compared to the previous year. Such significant growth percentages are due to a certain extent to the recovery from the crisis of the ‘Covid’ year 2020, but they depend above all on the success of the tax incentives for agricultural machinery 4.0, and the need for farms to upgrade their technological equipment to meet the new market challenges.”

concluded Malavolti.

After the suspension due to the health emergency, the World Exhibition of Agricultural Machinery will be presenting itself with a large number of exhibitors, important innovations and a calendar of appointments of political interest. Businesspeople will arrive from all over the world for an event that – says FederUnacoma general manager Simona Rapastella– has a very high technical content but is also a formidable ‘relations machine’.

The 44th edition of EIMA International, the world exhibition of machinery, equipment and components for agriculture and landscaping, to be held in Bologna from 19 to 23 October, is set to get underway with impressive figures. The event, the first international event in the sector after the suspension of trade shows activities imposed by the health emergency, will be attended by 1,350 exhibiting companies, 350 of which are foreign, representing over 40 countries and displaying more than 40 thousand models in the 14 specialised sectors and 5 theme shows (“Components”, “Green”, “Energy”, “Digital” and “Hydrotech”) in which the event is divided.

From Left: Simona Rapastella, General Manager of FederUnacoma, Matteo Lepore, Bologna Mayor Gianpiero Calzolari, President of BolognaFiere Alessandro Malavolti, President of FederUnacoma

During the presentation press conference held this afternoon in Bologna, Simona Rapastella, General Manager of FederUnacoma, the Italian federation of manufacturers that organises the event, commented:

“The number of exhibitors is very positive if we consider that, due to force majeure connected to Covid restrictions, companies from some important countries are missing, such as China or India, which were present with more than 300 industries at the last edition and which should return, together with manufacturers from other countries, in the next edition in November 2022”.

Apart from the limitations still in force for some areas, EIMA 2021 confirms its international character. During the five days of the exhibition, in addition to agricultural entrepreneurs and mechanization technicians, businesspeople from all over the world are expected at the Exhibition, including official delegates selected by the ICE offices (about 300 representing 60 countries), interested in negotiating the purchase of machinery that responds to the specific needs of the various farming and business models.

A wide range of categories, new products and absolute previews are the traditional strong points of the event. The Technical Innovation Competition has been confirmed, which rewards the innovative solutions designed by manufacturers for all types of agricultural work (on display in the Quadriportico area).

There will also be the finalist models of the Tractor of the Year, which for the first time will be able to parade in an open-air arena, where machines for bioenergy chains can also be seen.

“As well as being a great promotional and commercial showcase, EIMA has always been a great ‘relations machine’  and this is a fact of strategic importance, because the agricultural machinery industry is part of a complex system, in which close interactions are necessary between the agricultural world, the industrial world, research activities, environmental issues, and political and administrative guidance and coordination activities. The Bologna exhibition is recognised as the forum that connects all these players, the place where agro-industrial supply chains are increasingly closely connected and where the future of agriculture is planned”.

said Rapastella.

Simona Rapastella, General Manager of FederUnacoma

The 2021 edition of EIMA International is indeed one of the most interesting from a political perspective. The Government will be present through the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Manlio Di Stefano; and the chairmen of the Agriculture Commission of the Chamber and Senate, together with delegations of the members of these commissions, will also be visiting the exhibition for a discussion on the best policies for the sector.

The President of the Emilia Romagna region, Stefano Bonaccini, the Mayor of Bologna Matteo Lepore, the ICE Board Member Daniele Vaccarino and all the councillors for agriculture of the Italian regions will also be present at EIMA, along with a large delegation of MEPs. A much awaited moment, for its political but also cultural content, is the Conference that Paolo De Castro will hold at EIMA on the inspiring principles and challenges of the Community Agricultural Policy, in streaming connection with all agricultural organizations and the agro-food chain, as well as with national and Community institutions.

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