GUSS Presents Autonomous Vehicle Human Detection Technology

As technology progresses and makes its way through the agriculture industry, GUSS Automation continues to make safety their priority by implementing advancements in the autonomous vehicle market. The Defender vest was developed by GUSS Automation to add an additional layer of employee safety to the obstacle detection sensors already on GUSS.

GUSS (Global Unmanned Spray System) autonomously sprays orchards with increased efficiency and precision as well as keeps crews safer than with traditional orchard spraying equipment. Not only does GUSS minimize exposure to the materials being sprayed by removing individuals from the orchard and allowing the operator to monitor up to eight GUSS sprayers from the comfort of the vehicle, but GUSS also includes many other safety features.

GUSS Defender vest is patent-pending technology and utilizes a small wireless transmitter that automatically pauses the autonomous machine when the person wearing the Defender vest is detected. GUSS will not resume operation until the individual is clear of the area surrounding the vehicle creating a safer environment for the crew members.

“Developing sound safety systems is our duty as a leading pioneer in the autonomous farm equipment sector. The Defender vest was the next logical step for us in our quest to maximize the level of safety around GUSS machines, adding an additional layer of redundant safety to an already robust safety stack,”

stated Gary Thompson, COO of GUSS Automation.

This proprietary technology of the Defender vest is not solely for autonomous agriculture equipment, but could potentially be added to any vehicle to improve safety. The batteries located in the transmitter of the high visibility safety vest have an estimated 1.5-year life. No daily charging is necessary, making it easy and convenient for employees to use.

After strategic infield testing, the first GUSS machines utilizing the Defender vest technology rolled out to customers in April 2021. Defender technology is now standard on every GUSS vehicle to maximize safety for farmers, growers and their crews. Being at the forefront of autonomous agriculture equipment, GUSS Automation makes safety their highest priority and will continue to innovate in this field.