Mascar Presents the Montana Pneumatic Seed Drill

The Montana pneumatic seed drill is highly appreciated both for its versatility of use and for the high degree of customization.

Available in TL mechanical version and in VRT electric version, both can be equipped with the ISOBUS system.

It will therefore be possible to communicate the electronic control system of the seeder with the Universal Terminals installed onboard the tractors, essentially the tractor ISOBUS terminal will drive the seeder to act as a virtual terminal of the seeder.

Electric drive and 4.0 benefits

The VRT system replaces the mechanical drive of the seeds distributors by transforming it into electricity and thus allowing the automatic control of the flow of the grain (kg/ha) to be distributed, both seed and fertilizer.

The main advantages are greater precision and sowing speed with the reduction of working times.

Prescription maps and management of overlaps

The tractor with a GPS system for auto-guidance can be connected to the seeder (if equipped with the VRT ISOBUS system).

Prescription maps are used to optimize field operations and minimize waste.

MONTANA is equipped with a distributor divided into four sections, each of which serves a sowing section: four grains exits with four exit heads on the seeding ramp to have the best distribution on all the seeding widths.

Furthermore, thanks to this feature, MASCAR MONTANA can be equipped with the optional “Sector sowing control”, combined with the use of prescription maps, which can automatically exclude, quarter by quarter, the sowing sections to minimize or even eliminate the overlapping of the seeds.

Source: Mascar