Varta and Allgau Batterie Enter into Partnership for Lithium-Ion Battery Packs

The technology company from Ellwangen and the battery manufacturer from Bavaria will be working together in the future. Allgau Batterie will be a system integrator for VARTA’s “Application Specific Batteries” (ASB) product group.

Varta and Allgau Batterie will in the future bring together their expertise for the rapidly growing market for application-specific configurable lithium-ion battery packs. In the future, the family-owned company from Bavaria will be able to include the Easyblade and Easyblock products from Varta’s Application-Specific Batteries product group in its portfolio and thus take care of all system integration issues, ranging from hardware, software and chargers to system communication and mechanical fit as well as battery design.

The Varta ASB product group are specially developed battery solutions for use in small and medium-sized vehicles such as driverless transport systems, AGVs, material handling systems, or forklift trucks. The lithium-ion batteries are rugged modular and expandable and can thus be perfectly adapted to applications such as logistics or agriculture.

Thanks to its broad experience in the field of lithium-ion batteries and its strong network in various major industries, Allgau Batterie is the perfect partner for Varta’s Application Specific Batteries Easyblock and Easyblade. Gordon Clemens, General Manager, Varta Power Pack Solutions:

“The cooperation with Allgau Batterie shows that we can offer battery solutions for a wide range of applications – and without long design-in times thanks to our modular systems. For us, this marks the start of several such partnerships in Europe and the USA, because we show that VARTA is the perfect partner for a quick implementation of projects where application-specific configurable batteries are required.”

Manuel Diepolder, CEO of Allgau Batterie and ALLithium, is also excited about the cooperation:

“With Varta, we gain a renowned partner that will help us to achieve our ambitious goals. Our companies complement each other perfectly: VARTA produces excellent cells and modules which we then configure and integrate as intelligent complete systems.”