Zürn Weed Harvester Scoops SIMA Award

The TOP CUT Collect weed harvester from Zürn Harvesting received the SIMA Innovation Award in the special ‘Agro-Ecological Transition’ category. The prestigious prize awarded by the innovations committee of one of the leading international farm machinery shows underlines the innovative and forward-thinking character of this innovation for environmentally sound agriculture.

As a joint project of the German harvest specialist Zürn and a French farmer and inventor Romain Bouillé, this mechanical weed harvester presents a brand new development that combines three processes into one operation: cutting the weeds above the crop stand, collecting and carting the seed heads. As such it reduces the weed seed bank in the soil substantially and improves field hygiene.

“We are extremely happy about receiving the prize which is a special success. It reflects on the importance of mechanical weed control and the forward-thinking nature of this technology for all of Europe. The TOP CUT Collect is one machine in our new product line that aims at interfacing organic and conventional farming schemes. We term such developments ‘econventional solutions’,”

explains Rolf Zürn.

One of these solutions is the Seed Terminator which destroys weed seeds inside the combine by using multi-stage hammer mills so the weeds are no longer able to germinate. In addition to that, the vision-guided hoes of our partner company Garford are ideal additions to this product line. Relying on a high-precision camera system, the Garford hoes are able to work close to and extremely accurately along the crop rows. The InRow models use intelligent software in combination with a high-tech camera for even inter-plant weeding.

Source: Zurn