McCormick Presents the New “Oil Chooser” System Lubricant

Lubricants help maintain the peak performance and efficiency of tractors, so McCormick has created a new system that helps people find the one that best suits their requirements: the new McCormick “Oil Chooser” portal.

Maintaining the reliability of your machine over time is vital in order to allow you to carry out your work to the required standard, but it is not always easy to identify which lubricant corresponds to your specific needs. That’s why McCormick has created a new system that will make this step swifter and easier.

Because the right lubricant ensures reliability and efficiency

The right lubricant for every part of your tractor is the one produced according to precise technical specifications so, relying on those who designed and built it, will help you protect it better than anyone else.

This is because every lubricant is the result of our extensive product research and tests on specific models that can help you keep it in excellent conditions, avoiding possible malfunctions due to prolonged and demanding use that can cause:

  • the friction of the mechanical parts
  • overheating of components
  • the build-up of residues that corrode the gears.

Our original lubricants have been created starting from raw materials consisting of the latest generation synthetic bases with high technological value additives.

The use of state-of-the-art lubricants guarantees a number of advantages such as:

  • better response to stress even when the vehicle is used in more demanding working conditions
  • better performance at lower operating costs.
  • increased environmental awareness