[Job Story] JS Harris Farms Developments using Seppi M. Stone Crusher and Forestry Tillers

Jordan Harris started using Seppi M. stone crushers and forestry tillers just this year and is already seeing several impressive results.

Source: Seppi

He uses them to grind old grapevines back into the soil in order to prepare his fields for new crops. In previous years, Jordan had hired a contractor to remove the vines through burning or using tub grinders. By bringing the task in-house and switching to Seppi M. equipment, he’s generated huge cost savings for his vineyard. He’s also created a new revenue stream by starting a vineyard removal service and has a large backload of jobs just from word-of-mouth referrals.

Seppi M. subsoilers save Harris Farms $380 an acre

“Traditional removal methods like burning or using tub grinders will cost about $500 an acre. Using Seppi M. attachments we can complete the same job for about $120 an acre, saving us $380 on each and every acre. I use Seppi M. equipment on my own 200 acres and work as a commercial contractor removing vines on about 500 acres of other vineyards. These attachments are great, because they deliver huge cost savings, let you prepare fields for replanting in a single pass, and they leave very little wood or debris behind. I’ve been very happy with my Seppi purchases.”

 “In the past we used to pay a third party to burn the vines after removal. That method left a lot of debris behind, and the areas where the burn piles were don’t seem to ever grow as well again. When burn restrictions came into place in California, we started removing and grinding vines in place in a grinder. Then, we had to spread them out and disk them into the soil. It was quite the process and took a long time. We wanted to find a better removal method.”

“We saw a Seppi machine being used in Southern California and then studied them for a few months before buying our first one. I’ve taken out several thousand acres of my own vineyards over the years, and I can tell you that Seppi is the best way to do it. It’s much easier than other methods and a lot cheaper. Just one pass, and it’s done.”

Source: Seppi M.