SBG Systems to Exhibit at FIRA Virtual Event

With over 10 years of experience in the design and production of advanced Inertial Navigation Systems, SBG Systems brings a wealth of expertise in embedded algorithms and best-in-class navigation filtering to the integration of highly accurate miniature INS.

Addressing various global markets, SBG Systems masters the whole manufacturing chain from the strict selection of sensors to the rigorous calibration process of assembled units.

SBG Systems announced last June the third generation of its popular line of miniature inertial sensors called the Ellipse Series, a perfect match for autonomous navigation in precision agriculture.

SBG Systems is pleased to announce its participation in FIRA virtual event, the leading event for professionals in the agricultural robotics sector. As this year FIRA is turning virtual, the event will enable us to showcase the solutions simultaneously to the entire autonomous agriculture community worldwide.

SBG Systems introduce the new Ellipse-D during FIRA, the most advanced miniature inertial sensors for navigation and motion sensing, and the world smallest Inertial Navigation System integrating a Dual-antenna, multi-band GNSS receiver and odometry. Thus, being capable of delivering accurate heading as well as precise centimeter-level positioning in the most challenging GNSS conditions.

The cost-effective sensor provides attitude, heading as well as navigation outputs via a variety of interfaces including a CAN BUS, and will seamlessly integrate into all vehicles thanks to its full-featured ROS driver. The unit comes with a choice of dynamic motion profiles well-suited to “off-road” applications.

All these features make the Ellipse-D the perfect match to provide robust navigation for your ag robot