Soucy S-TECH 600R Features for Row Crops Cultures

Vegetable production is a competitive industry as the world’s vegetable consumption never ceases. The demand on the farmers keeps them moving at a high pace in normal conditions. Add rain and the game changes dramatically. Rain can delay scheduled plantings, prohibit plant care such as cultivation, spraying, and fertilizing because you simply cannot get a tractor into the field. This is where the Soucy S-TECH 600R, a Soucy track system designed for row crops cultures, can change the game.

Source: Soucy

Stay on schedule no matter the weather

The track kits for row crops adapt onto a wheel tractor, effectively reducing the PSI by expanding the footprint of the tractor and spreading out the load in the furrow. This allows farmers to get into the field in wet conditions that would normally be prohibitive with standard wheels. These kits are designed to be taken off in the dry season to allow the tractor to be used year-round. However, many farmers choose to leave them on year-round to take advantage of wet conditions caused by irrigation. Either way, this provides a competitive advantage to the farmer to stay on schedule with harvest dates and overall plant health.

Source: Soucy

Versatile in many types of crops

Yet another competitive advantage that Soucy tracks provide is that the 12-inch tracks are paired with tractors from 75 HP to 220 HP, giving versatility to the farmer for many crop needs.This narrow track system is also offered with 16-inch tracks.

Easy installation

Soucy kit sprockets and frames are made of cast iron and the tracks and mid rollers are made with our proprietary rubber compound. The oil bath bearings on the S-TECH 600R are ideal for reduced maintenance. There is a dynamic track tensioner for easy track adjustment and track wear is comparable to tire wear. The kits are easily installed and removed by one tech and store easily with few loose components.

Source: Soucy