GUSS Automation Presents New Autonomous Orchard Sprayer

A Game-Changing Solution for the Ag Industry

GUSS Automation’s autonomous orchard sprayer has brought advanced technology and farming together to change the direction of the agriculture industry. With GUSS, farmers are now able to increase efficiency and precision as well as keep their crews safer than ever before.

Like many revolutionary inventions, GUSS was developed out of necessity. As Dave Crinklaw dealt with the obstacles of high costs of materials and labor in his orchard spraying business, he found himself looking for answers and the solution came in the form of a driverless orchard sprayer. After years of research and development, GUSS was born. Crinklaw began using GUSS in his spraying business and when local growers caught wind of his development, they wanted GUSS in their orchards as well.

GUSS uses a combination of GPS, LiDAR, and the latest technology to autonomously roll through the orchard spraying each tree with precision and efficiency row after row. A single employee can monitor and operate up to eight GUSS machines from his/her vehicle while the nurse trucks supply the spray product when GUSS signals for a refill.

Mike Carr of Five Star Farms has found great success with GUSS.

“GUSS has had a major impact on my farm by allowing me to do more with less. We get more acres done every shift due to less stopped and downtime. My dependency on labor and all the challenges that come along with it has greatly decreased. In my opinion, GUSS autonomous sprayers are the only way to go moving forward.”

GUSS not only exceeds the expectations of farmers and growers in the United States, but GUSS has also found success internationally. GUSS Automation continues to develop autonomous technology with plans for additional autonomous agriculture equipment.  With the ever-increasing cost of spray products and labor, autonomous spraying is an impressive tool for increasing productivity and improving the overall operation for farmers and growers worldwide.