GUSS Introduces Electric Autonomous Herbicide Orchard Sprayer

GUSS Automation’s new electric autonomous herbicide orchard sprayer offers lower operating costs and increased precision and efficiency. Electric GUSS offers the agriculture industry the option of spraying with environmentally friendly agriculture equipment, reducing CO2 emissions and air pollutants as well as reducing maintenance costs for the operator.

Electric GUSS uses a combination of GPS, LiDAR, and proprietary technology for accurate coverage and allows a single employee to operate and monitor a combination of up to eight GUSS machines from the safety of his or her vehicle using a laptop computer.

The spot-spraying weed detection system identifies chlorophyll in the weeds and only sprays where weeds are detected. This technology saves up to 90% of the material being sprayed, increasing precision and efficiency while decreasing costs and material drift which is better for our environment and keeps the employee safer.

“We have been asked countless times about making GUSS electric. An electric herbicide sprayer made the most sense to us, given that the battery life can last an entire shift while performing this highly important orchard task. Combining the battery electric benefits of low operating costs and zero tail pipe emissions with spot spraying weed detection technology makes Electric GUSS a winner!”

said Gary Thompson, COO at GUSS Automation.

Electric GUSS runs a full shift of 10 – 12 hours while spraying at full capacity. Electric GUSS is 23’6” long, 6’4” tall and ranges from 8’4”-19’ wide depending on the boom extension. The hydraulically controlled, height-adjustable booms accommodate 18′-22′ row spacing. The booms also tilt for varying berm heights. The breakaway booms prevent damage to trees and crops.

As the agriculture industry continues to evolve, growers worldwide can now increase productivity and efficiency while decreasing labor costs, chemical usage and air pollutants with the precision spraying of Electric GUSS.

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