Hustler Explains How the Snaplox Unrolla Bale Loaders Work

The strive for innovation is in their Hustler DNA and is at the bottom of everything they do and achieve. Their Snaplox automatic connection and disconnection system, HANDS-FREE, is an advantage that their Unrolla bale loaders stand out from the others.

12 Advantages of the Snaplox Hand-Free Connection System:

  1. No need to pull on a rope, whilst simultaneously juggling the 3 point linkage lift height and reverser
  2. No more strain or twisting of your back
  3. No hydraulics
  4. No need to pull on a hydraulic lever to disconnect
  5. No need to remember to reset a hydraulic lever to enable it to lock again
  6. No wasted time plugging in extra hydraulic remotes
  7. No need to wait for hydraulics when disconnecting
  8. No smashed rear windows
  9. No accidental disconnection
  10. No twisting of the frame
  11. Works on front-end-loaders opening up a huge efficiency and versatility advantage
  12. Just simple reliable, a mechanical action that is seamless and fool-proof and operates naturally

Dual Latch System

The SnapLox feature has a dual latch system with one latch on either side of the machine for added durability. This will stop the machine from twisting when with oversize loads where additional strength is needed for maximum operator safety.

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Increased Versatility

The introduction of our SnapLox system means opening up options for front end loader, telehandler, and compact loader use. Being able to attach the feeder to the front of your tractor or loader gives the ability to feed over fences, in hay racks on feed pads, and more, for more versatility and time savings.

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Source: HustlerEquipment