CFI Tires Announces Major Rebrand

Over the past 90 years, CFI has grown and become an agricultural tire, wheel, and track solution leader. Over 60% of their annual sales represent business through more than 750 unique implement dealerships. CFI needed a better way to communicate and create the tools these dealerships need to succeed.

After doing in-depth research, market analysis, and talking with clients, CFI management and owners felt that Rebranding this business division will enable the company to expand upon its services, accomplish growth objectives, and foster and develop new client relationships. This new brand puts CFI in a position to be more competitive and offer their dealer partners more capabilities. This rebrand is an effort to double down on their commitment to support implement dealers across North America.

“CFI Tire & Wheel has been quietly becoming a force in the agriculture industry and market. Rebranding provides an excellent opportunity to communicate its position more distinctly. It will allow customers and prospects to identify with the company’s key capabilities that have likely been taken for granted in the past. CFI has certainly earned the right to tout its brand in the market proudly.” – Curt Lack, CFI Board Facilitator

As part of CFI’s rebranding strategy, the company name for business directed to implement dealers will change from CFI to AXON. This name change is part of CFI’s goal to emphasize the strength of their capabilities, their growth, and their commitment to helping dealerships move more iron.

“We are the AXON that provides implement dealerships support and information, allowing them to move more iron.” -Jesse Peters, Marketing Director

CFI is changing their name, website, social media, messaging, and focus on reflecting better on how they help dealerships move more iron. Their mission is a refined version of what they have always known best about themselves: they deliver best-in-class tire, wheel, and track products and services to help keep agriculture moving.

“Rebranding gives us a chance to put more focus on each channel of business. I am excited to rebrand this channel as AXON and help implement dealers move more iron.” -Stuart Berardi, Management Team Leader

The New Name, Logo, and Brand
AXON’s new logo and visual identity are inspired by its core principles and spirit of being a pioneer in leading its clients forward. It represents the bold approach the company will be taking to improve the implement dealer business.

The New Website
Check out their new website, consistent with the improved brand direction. This site will become the hub for updates, support, and program enhancements, ensuring the consistency and quality customers come to expect.

Some Things Won’t Change

“This is still the same company and team (but much larger and more technically talented), dedicated to providing the best possible services and solutions,”

Peters adds.

The team is incredibly proud of their work at AXON and are very thankful for the employees, the partnerships, and the customers that have accompanied them in their growth.

“I am most looking forward to the rebranding becoming a rallying point for alignment of the company’s resources, particularly its personnel, as it relates to more clarity of purpose and mission.” – Curt Lack, CFI Board Facilitator