Väderstad introduces the new 80/120mm point

Väderstad introduces the new 80/120mm point, built-in high-quality Swedish steel. The 80/120mm point delivers aggressive cultivation, combined with a very intensive mixing. It can be fitted to the tine cultivators Cultus, Opus, and TopDown.

At a working depth of 10-15 centimeters, the 80/120mm point combines the advantages from the 80mm and 120mm points into one.

Having a narrower bottom than its upper part, the 80/120 point has the benefit of a great soil seeking ability combined with impressive straw incorporation,

says Magnus Samuelsson, Concept Developer at Väderstad.

Using Väderstad Genuine Parts is a guarantee that your Väderstad machine performs the way it was designed to do. They are produced and developed in Överum, Sweden, where Väderstad Components has its factory and new Materials Technology Lab – where we perform unique tests in search of the absolute best material to be used in our spare parts.

As for all our genuine parts, also the new 80/120mm point is made by high-quality Swedish steel. Designed and constructed for top-performance at our own factory Väderstad Components,

says Magnus Samuelsson.

Source: Vaderstad