Campagnola updates Its Harvesting Line Up

Campagnola stands out for its quality, reliability, and respect for the environment and it is the only company specialized in pruning and harvesting to have achieved the UNI EN ISO 9001 Certification of Quality since 2000 and the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 since 2015. Always committed to technological innovation, it goes on developing new agricultural tools that grant the operator a simple and effective way of working, both for highly professional use –  the Professional Line – and for less intensive use – the Green Line.

The goal of Campagnola is to use its know-how and experience in order to create advanced tools, characterized by increasingly high performance and great handiness. Being battery operated, they turn out to be more and more lightweight and user-friendly. Moreover, the company constantly expands its range of products by patenting innovative solutions.

As for facilitated harvesting, the 2020 season has seen well-known as well as new products, all designed to meet the needs of the most demanding operators. A new version of Alice has been proposed, namely Alice 58 Premium, the best-known professional product among the harvesters by Campagnola, enhanced to be used by professionals and to meet their necessities. It has an extremely high harvesting capacity on all types of cultivars thanks to its flexible teeth and its opposed elliptical movement, patented by Campagnola, which allows it to operate limiting the fall of the leaves without damaging the plants.

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Another great novelty is the Icarus 58 universal harvester. Extremely powerful and fast with its opposite horizontal movement, it has an excellent penetration capacity. The continuous evolution of the international agricultural needs and contexts has led Campagnola to invest in recent years both in the optimization of its pneumatic products and in the expansion of its electromechanical range.

The Icarus 58 universal harvester. Courtesy of

Among the latest-generation cutting products, there are the Green Line cordless shears, powered by plug-in batteries, which allow the user to prune without cables, in full freedom of movement. They are the ideal tool for horticulture, viticulture, fruit growing, olive growing, and citrus growing, and for pruning ornamental plants.

The latest accessory designed to further improve the use of these tools is the cable for the Green Line shears with a plug-in battery, which allows the operator to keep the battery in his pocket or to hang it on his belt. It guarantees the necessary cutting power for excellent performance, a considerably reduced weight, comfortable handling, and very easy use.

The desire to go on finding new solutions to facilitate the farmers’ work and the long experience are the driving forces that push Campagnola in a continuous search for innovative products and solutions to ensure excellent performances.

Among these, there are 4 new electric pruning tools, which Campagnola was pleased to present in Absolute Preview at the EIMA Digital Preview a few days ago.

T-REX and T-FOX are the two new electric pruners with plug-in battery, designed to facilitate cutting activities. Lightweight, powerful, multitasking, and highly performing, T-REX, and T-FOX will revolutionize the pruning operations.

KRONOS is the electric pruner dedicated to the professionals. Operated by a Li-Ion 700 battery, it is very powerful and carries out quick and precise cuts on any type of plant.

NEXI is the new tying tool designed to facilitate tying activities. Equipped with a plug-in battery, NEXI perfectly combines comfortable handling and excellent performance.

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