Fertilizer Canada Commends the Government of Canada on the Fertilizers Regulations.

Fertilizer Canada commends the Government of Canada on the newly published Fertilizer Regulations.

Effective, science-based regulatory oversight of fertilizer and supplement products ensures the safety of the Canadian marketplace.

Garth Whyte, President & CEO of Fertilizer Canada said:

“Fertilizer Canada has worked alongside industry associations and government officials from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for nearly a decade to update the Fertilizers Regulations. These updates will ensure that our industry is able to provide innovative fertilizers to farmers, harmonize our processes with international jurisdictions, and continue to prioritize the safety of our consumers.”

Fertilizer Regulations were a major topic of discussion during the annual Canadian Fertilizer Products Forum (CFPF) earlier this year, hosted by the fertilizer industry and CFIA. This collaboration is essential to help develop a more effective, science-based policy that benefits not only Canada’s economic well-being but the fertilizer industry’s global competitiveness.

Throughout the pandemic, the fertilizer industry has worked to provide essential goods to Canadian farmers and has continued to be a major Canadian export. The global pandemic has shown that Canadians need to ensure food security and the necessity of industry-government partnerships.

Whyte says:

“This partnership is critical to ensuring the success of the agricultural sector at large and will not only provide Canada with an economic boost but improve the competitiveness of our exports. We would once again like to thank Minister Bibeau and Deputy Minister Chris Forbes from AAFC, as well as Siddika Mithani, President at CFIA, for their continued collaboration with Canada’s fertilizer industry.”

We look forward to the continued collaboration between both industry and government to meet and develop competitive policies that will enable our industry to operate successfully and efficiently for years to come.

Source: Fertilizer Canada