Jain Logic Makes Growers More Productive

Jain water manager Richard Restuccia has written a new blog post about satellite images combined with Jain logic that make growers more productive. Here is the full-text

The integration of satellite images and Jain Logic provides the opportunity to see how the adjustments you are making (fertilizer application, water) in the field impact your plants in just a short period of time. Observed crop ETc and crop vigor data are now available to all Jain Logic subscribers. With more than 25,000 global sites, Jain is the only company bringing together satellite imagery with ETc calculations and uniformity, weather, soil moisture monitoring, and automation control, deploying artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to help our customers get more crop per drop.

The historical imagery is part of the integration and an excellent way you can compare your crops over time. You can overlay the satellite imagery in your fields. All on one screen, no need to search for other emails or information in other applications.

You can easily view observed ETc satellite imagery on the field you are interested in, providing specific data for a particular field and crop.  It is simple to compare the imagery with historical data in detail for your fields.  Also, with two clicks, you see the data and imagery for a specific field. The imagery is saved, and you can scroll down and see the change in the uniformity data week to week.  See the problem before they become big problems.

You can do the same analysis with ETc uniformity and crop vigor as well.

Observe vigor changes or vigor uniformity over time. See a vigor image and a vigor hyper view that uses a color scale making it easy to view the data quickly.  Vigor is telling you how healthy your plants are. Vigor images identify symptoms quickly so growers can treat the symptom before it impacts yields. You can view crop vigor change over time.  Week to week or month-to-month, you make the determination.

Quickly over coffee each morning, in a few short minutes, you can view all your fields and quickly determine how healthy your plants are and if you have any trouble areas needing attention. Never before has it been this easy to analyze what is happening in the field with vigor and water. These tools allow every grower to maximize yields while reducing labor costs.

Courtesy of jainusa.com

Source: JAIN