Hardi North America Makes new Partnership with Equipment Technologies

Mike Flat, President and CEO of Hardi North America, has released a letter about a new partnership with Equipment Technologies (ET). Here is the full-text.

We at Hardi North America are jointly announcing with Equipment Technologies (ET) a new cooperative agreement that will leverage the strength of both companies. In the coming months Hardi’s manufacturing operations will be consolidated to Mooresville, IN, where ET’s Apache AS and HS brands are manufactured.

In addition to manufacturing efficiencies that we will gain, our two companies will begin to realize sales synergies that many have anticipated since the 2016 purchase of ET by Excel Industries. Paris, France based Exel owns several global sprayer brands including Hardi since 2007.

In areas where one brand has strong distribution and the other lacks, we will look at the viability of adding those distribution partners to one another’s networks of dealers. If the products, the market, and dealership fits, our end-user customers will experience better access to parts and service support. Increasing the number of retail outlets stocking parts and having trained and motivated staff is our aim.

As a retail customer for Hardi, we only anticipate positive effects for you. Our support network of dealers will remain and hopefully grow. Our experienced support staff in Davenport, IA remains as well; all the same people, all the same ways to contact us. If for any reason you feel differently or have an issue that needs to be addressed, please don’t hesitate to reach out.