Ranch Systems, Inc. announces they have completed integration with John Deere Operations Center allowing data flow from Ranch Systems’ telemetry solutions and field monitoring platform.

Ranch Systems has also completed integration work necessary to remotely read the John Deere Field Connect soil moisture probes.  This will allow customers who have been utilizing the Field Connect system to transition to Ranch Systems telemetry. Customers can continue to use their Field Connect soil moisture probes with the same data quality and volumetric water measurements.

Jacob Christfort, President and Founder of Ranch Systems, Inc., comments:

“We are excited for this opportunity to support the farmers who have invested in the John Deere soil moisture probes and Field Connect System. With this integration completed, we can provide a solution to support their ongoing field monitoring needs. This integration aligns with one of the cornerstone principles of Ranch Systems to provide the ability to connect to the sensors and controllers growers want and need in their farming operations.  Our Ranch Cloud Platform and myRanch app allow them access to the data generated with easy transfer to their additional platforms such as the John Deere Operations Center.”

Ranch Systems RS130 replaces Field Connect Gateway

The Field Connect gateways and website will sunset on December 31, 2020.  John Deere dealers will continue to have the option to sell the Field Connect soil moisture probes.  The telemetry options Ranch Systems offers will support customers with their current equipment and future environmental and field monitoring needs. Farming operations utilizing the John Deere probes will be able to replace the Field Connect gateways with one of the several telemetry options manufactured by Ranch Systems.  The units will also be able to support most existing weather monitoring sensors such as temperature, wind, rain, etc., as well as enabling full-scale irrigation valve control, well control, water meter monitoring, and more.

Craig Hornung, Hornung Brothers Farming, comments:

“I have become very dependent on the John Deere Field Connect soil moisture probe data. The accuracy and presentation of the data is the cornerstone of my irrigation scheduling program. Knowing my soil moisture in the root zone helps me maximize my applied irrigation water and fertilizer. Ranch Systems can keep that data flowing. By utilizing Ranch Systems, we also now have a platform that enables freedom of choice of sensors and flexible data delivery.  This will support our farming efforts into the future as the technology continues to evolve,”

states Craig.

Ranch Systems RS130 connected to John Deere probe

Ranch Systems has been providing solutions to its customers for over 15 years with both their Field Services and Support Team and their community of authorized resellers around the world.

Hylon Kaufmann, Director of Business Development for Ranch Systems, says:

“We look forward to working with interested John Deere dealers and their customers. Providing a turn-key telemetry option for customers who are facing the shutdown of their current gateways will help give everyone involved peace of mind for the 2021 season and beyond.  Our platform will also support the importing of their historical data preventing the loss of their important decision-supporting data.”

Source: Ranch Systems


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