Graco hosts new fluid chat

Graco Inc. will host a free fluid chat event showcasing the successes customers have had using the latest in automatic lubrication equipment. Join Graco’s product experts on Wednesday, November 11, 2020, at 10 a.m. CT to be part of this informative 45-minute virtual event.

You can egister today to learn how those using Graco’s innovative automatic lubrication equipment solutions extend the life cycle of their on- and off-road mobile equipment, reducing unplanned downtime and maintenance costs.

“How manufacturers, managers, and operators have gained continuous uptime and optimal productivity from the machines they rely on daily are just a few things we will be discussing during this virtual event,”

said Dan Jensen, Graco Lubrication Equipment Division Global Product Marketing Manager.

He added,

“We’ll also showcase how innovative solutions have become the answer to the same old problems when it comes to equipment downtime.”

Take advantage of the opportunity to ask questions live about on- and off-road mobile
equipment lubrication.