Alliance 398 MPT to unlock new transportation concept With Agro-Trucks

Introduced just a year ago and already appreciated as a game-changing tire by the AGRITECHNICA Innovation Award, the Alliance 398 MPT not only unlocks direct transportation concept in agriculture but also boosts the popularity of trucks for the in-field operations.

As agricultural businesses such as farms and contractors continue to grow in size, requirements with regard to transport needs, times and distances also receive growing attention. With the underlying direct transportation concept, the Allience 398 MPT offers enormous advantages in terms of speed, time, staff and machinery requirements, and hence clear gains in overall efficiency.

Agro-trucks as a powerful new trend

For decades, tractor trailer combinations have played, and still play, an important role in agricultural logistics. In order to reduce soil pressure and resulting compaction caused by heavy harvesting and transport equipment in the field, additional vehicles such as grain carts were introduced quite some time ago. However, tractor trailer combinations and grain carts quickly reach their limits when it comes to speedy transports on paved roads and over longer distances. On the other hand, trucks so far were fast during road transport but not suitable for in-field operation due to the risk of compaction and a clear lack of traction, particularly under moist or even wet soil conditions.

That is where the decisive advantages of the Alliance 398 MPT come into play: The 398 MPT is the first agricultural tire to deliver a speed of up to 100 km/h on the road. At the same time, and thanks to its large footprint and low inflation pressure in the field, this flotation tire effectively protects the soil when trucks directly go into the field to deliver or pick up their load and then go back onto the road. Being equally suitable for in-field and on-road operation, the Alliance 398 MPT reduces cycles and cuts costs related to equipment, staff, and time.

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AGROMOVER trucks rely on Alliance 398 MPT

Paul Nutzfahrzeuge in southern Germany is one of the European market leaders in special-purpose vehicle conversion and construction – and seemingly convinced of the direct transportation concept. Following particularly adapted versions of MAN and Mercedes agro-trucks, the IVECO  AGROMOVER Trakker 4×4 was also presented at Agritechnica 2019. This truck comes with a load sensing hydraulic system, a hitch bar coupling and various other features that allow to perform various functions and offer top flexibility. The AGROMOVER Trakker 4×4 was presented in a “transport version” first, a “work version” for in-field operations such as tillage etc. is to follow as a second step.

In addition to various technical alterations, one decisive difference between regular models and the AGROMOVER trucks is a change in tire choice and dimension: All AGROMOVER trucks come factory-fit with the Alliance 398 MPT.

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Source: ATG Europe