A year ago they revealed the All-New Combi RX feedout wagon range at the Mystery Creek field days and it has changed the way farmers feed their livestock, since. To mark the occasion, here is a summary as to why Range of RX Combi Feedout Wagons is the biggest innovation in Feedout wagons and Combi feeders in the past 37 years and what makes them such a pleasure to use.

The New Master of Grass-Silage feeding

Although the original Robertson Comby wagons have been the most versatile wagon on the market over the past 43 years, a bit of operator technique was required with the original design due to its extreme versatility. This meant some farmers who only fed grass pit/clamp silage and who had a number of different staff taking care of the feeding out duties would resort to a basic silage wagon to eliminate the need for good operators.

So they decided to Rethink the way Combi feeders operate, developing a Combi with  extreme versatility and simple to use. Welcome Combi RX range the only true feedout wagon on the market that combines the best of Silage Wagon, Bale Feeder, Bale Feeder, and Combi Wagon in one machine.

This means even more options and flexibility with only one single machine to maintain and operate a perfectly managed feeding program as a result. Grass silage bales square or round, root crops, feed waste, maize silage you name it – the RX feeds it and thanks to the durability of the new 15mm thick high-density floor loading of heavy root-crops no longer damages the floor.

At the flick of a switch in the cab, FeedControl automates the operation of floor and elevator movement for windrow consistency and simplicity of operation. Loaded up some tricky rounds and squares in the same load then simply flick the switch and you get full control to save blocking, unlike a conventional wagon.

The RX Range is a game-changer when it comes to feeding grass silage and any other type of supplementary feed.

The optional wireless scales and feed management system Feedlink will let you program the exact feed amount and helps track and improve feeding routines.

Clever Engineering

The 2-speed floor of the RX Combi Wagon has very few moving parts and no chains, which makes it bulletproof, easy to maintain, and super reliable. The flat floor design eliminates spillage between the cross floor and the elevator and prevents root crops from bending bars and jamming the rear floor.

The elevator is designed to drop the feed off at a higher point, compared to silage wagons. This will let you feed over hot wires, into bunks, hay racks or hard against the fence. It also means that feed won’t get run over or squashed into the mud when distributing in a sacrificed paddock.

Maximum Visibility

The newly improved visibility of the wagon allows you to see the entire wagon load from your tractor seat. See exactly how much feed is coming up the elevator and where it is placed for increased control and less feed waste. By rethinking the design of the front end we’ve eliminated 6 of the most troublesome parts of the old design, where mud and debris off the tractor tyre would stick to the concertina panels and bind up the elevator eventually needing to be replaced putting the machine out of action.

Thanks to the new design of the front spill panels the operators get unreal visibility, it’s a real break-through in control allowing the operator to see directly into the elevator making it so much more enjoyable feeding out.


Easy Connecting / Disconnecting

The RX Combi Range uses all hydraulic drives to connect and disconnect to the tractor instead of PTO shafts. This makes the unit extremely easy and quick to reconnect when using the feeding tractor for loading.  For more time savings and smooth operation.

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