ARA seeks clarification from EPA on Court’s dicamba decision’s impact on Ag Retailers


The ARA is seeking clarification from Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) after it announced guidance on the limited and specific circumstances under which existing stocks of the three vacated dicamba products can be used for a limited period of time.

“Today’s cancellation and existing stocks order is consistent with EPA’s standard practice following registration invalidation, and is designed to advance compliance, ensure regulatory certainty, and to prevent the misuse of existing stocks.”

said EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler.

ARA is concerned with these details, as it appears inconsistent with EPA’s long-standing existing stocks practice following registration invalidation. ARA is seeking clarification on the impact on agricultural retailers that do not provide commercial application services.The current order will create confusion, especially since it is being issued at the end of today with the June 3, 2020, cut-off date and after many individual states publicly authorized the continued sale and use of these products over the weekend and through today.
This EPA announcement does not fully address the continued confusion being created by the Ninth Circuit Court decision.”

added ARA Senior Vice President of Public Policy and Counsel Richard Gupton.

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Source: Agricultural Retailers Association


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