Three new sizes available/ Extensive testing against a premium forestry competitor / Large footprint, low ground pressure / Build for grip and traction / Low wear, high load-carrying capacity / Special material and construction

Only launched last year, the Alliance 644 Forestar III already received impressive feedback and earned an excellent reputation. Extensive field tests against a premium forest tire competitor conducted on a harvester in the Czech Republic and on a forwarder in Latvia confirm the positive assessments. During the tests, the customers were impressed with the overall performance of the FORESTAR 644 tires and they especially acknowledged great traction and stability even at really challenging conditions. In sum, the test results show that the FORESTAR easily stands comparison with the premium competition, but definitely taking the lead in terms of value for money.

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“When working in remote forest areas, operators need to be sure that they will neither get stuck nor experience a tire breakdown. The reliable top performance of the 644 Forestar III easily stands comparisons with more expensive premium competition tires. Owners will surely enjoy the fact that they can benefit from this excellent performance for a more than competitive price”

summarises Angelo Noronha, President EMEA at Alliance Tire Group, with pride.

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Performance plus care for the environment

Forestry operations mean tough environments, heavy loads, sharp-edged obstacles such as tree stumps, and a challenging mix of surfaces ranging from bare rock to sticky mud. The current state of many forests throughout Europe adds to the challenge: Due to damage either caused by a storm, drought, or bark beetles, large amounts of harvested timber need to be taken out of the woodlands quickly and reliably. Whenever the protection of forest soils as one important part of this fragile natural system also is a key requirement, the 644 Forestar III offers a perfect solution.

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The tire’s large tread width ensures a large footprint which in turn reduces ground pressure in order to protect forest soils. Wide lug center blocks are a distinctive feature of the 644 Forestar III: This tire delivers perfect traction without tracks, thus allowing for easy transfers on forest roads, for example, but can equally and easily be operated with tracks. Wide center block lugs provide excellent stability and riding comfort. A dual lug angle optimizes both traction and durability: Whilst a lower angle at the shoulder enhances traction, the higher angle at the center of the tire reduces wear and ensures durability.

Wider shoulder lugs with high fillet radius enhance the lateral stability of the 644 Forestar III, further adding to the excellent traction of this tire. And, highly important in woody environments: The unique shoulder buttress design strengthens the tire’s sidewalls and provides high stiffness while the curb-rib design enhances the protection of the tire against side impacts and cracks.

New sizes launched

The Alliance 644 Forestar III is now available in three new sizes: 710/40-24.5, 710/55-28.5 and 780/50-28.5; as well as in previously launched sizes of 600/50-22.5, 710/40-22.5, 600/55-26.5, 710/45-26.5, 750/55-26.5, 800/40-26.5.

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