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Dairy producers in the former Agri-Service, LLC area can expect renewed passion and experience from Milk Barn, a new DeLaval dealership under the leadership of Zaman Agha and Enoch Lowry. Drawing from 350 combined years of experience, Milk Barn technicians, customer service, route drivers and leaders are positioned to be your dairy resource.

“We want to assure our dairy producers that the same, committed team they have grown with will remain an integral part of Milk Barn and our product and service offerings moving forward,” Agha says. “We enjoy being a full-fledged DeLaval dealership. With the resources of DeLaval and industry experts, we are able to bring a complete package of services and resources from our Milk Barn to your Milk Barn.”

The Milk Barn product line includes a range of technology-forward DeLaval solutions, from teat dips, detergents and farm supplies, to the latest offerings from DeLaval: the VMS™ milking system V300, Parlor milking system P500, and OptiDuo™ feed refresher.

“Our dealers are the backbone of the products and service that DeLaval provides. We can bring the latest and greatest to the market, but it’s our dealers who make the difference on the farm each day, and we are confident that Milk Barn will serve this area well.”

said Steve Harris, Director, DeLaval US Channel Sales.

The team at Milk Barn will serve dairy producers out of three, key locations: Hagerstown, MD, Shippensburg, PA, and Martinsburg, PA. Although the former Agri-Service, LLC location at Belleville, PA, has closed, customers in the area will continue receiving the day-to-day service and support they need for success on their dairy operations.

Courtesy of googlemaps

Source: Delaval