Arcusin, a family-owned Spanish manufacturer focused on bale handling equipment entered the US market with a new facility in KA and their range of products: the bale bundler MultiPack and the bale stackers AutoStack

According to the sales manager Blanca Cusiné, the granddaughter of Arcusin’s founder, and sales team leader for the US market:

“Our philosophy is to have a good product but to have a better service behind. Because of that, our team of technicians and our warehouse is based in Kansas, to be able to provide the quickest answer and solution to all our customers in the States when needed. We have a young and very engaged sales team with a bright future ahead.”

Arcusin opened last year a technical office and a warehouse in Wichita KA in Kansas, to provide the most responsive service and solutions to US farmers. 

Arcusin, during nearly 50 years of existence, attended many international shows in the world, especially in Europe (like Agritechnica in Hannover, Germany (currently the biggest one) & Sima, in Paris, France) but also in Russia, Australia & NZ.

Last year the company launched its bale handlers in a tour of the USA taking part in 7 US different shows.

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For the last 10 years, Arcusin has been selling its MultiPack bale bundler in the US gaining new customers.

“Our MultiPack is a compact machine that picks packs and stacks 14 bales reducing handling time with small bales. Furthermore to our bale bundler system, we offer our automatic bale stackers AutoStack and our bale accumulators ForStack, which are very well recognized in the sector”, Blanca said.

The Autostack collects big bales and stacks them 6, 7, or 8 bales high (bales 3×4). The ForStack is a new & fast vertical bale accumulator that accumulates and stacks 3-4 big bales (3×4). It can follow 2-3 balers.


All the machines operate fully automatic, have their own hydraulic system on board, and reduce non-productive handling costs in the field and to help increase the efficiency of production.

Arcusin priority is to assure safe working conditions with 100% reliability and therefore we offer world-quality after-sales service, technical assistance, and world-wide spare-parts distribution through our dealer-network.

Arcusin sells nearly in all the States of the USA and also Canada, Mexico and South America.

ForStack, bale accumulator

ForStack, bale accumulator

A bale accumulator, completely automatic and independent, that allows collecting bales, even from the most difficult areas to access, and makes little stacks from 3 up to 5 bales high. It is agile and can maneuver within a small space, always with complete visibility and following the same line of the press, so as not to damage or compact the floor. It cleans the field quickly and has two options of fully automated unloading: leaves the piles either in the confines of the plot, making the job much easier for trucks (accumulated mode) or scattered in the field (dispersal mode). It is compatible with all types of large rectangular bales. With the ForStack, Arcusin provides farmers with an efficient, flexible, secure and independent solution, always with the same objective: to increase productivity in the field.


Automatic bale loaders for straw and forage bales, models XP & FSX

AutoStack loaders are designed to make easier and faster chasing, stacking and handling big square bales. They adapt to any kind of big square bales from the major balers in the market. Contractors, industrials and biomass providers are the target market.

AutoStack loaders are high performance machines that allow with just one operator and a tractor collect and stack large amounts of bales for storage either on the field or under a cover. Thanks the stability and compaction of the stack, bales are preserved in perfect conditions all year long regardless weather conditions. There are two models:

* AutoStack XP54T is fitted with self-steering rear axle and reinforced intelligent tynes that copy the terrain assuring perfect stacking. Thanks to this innovative system, partial unloads are easy and simple to be done. This model is specially designed for irrigated, muddy and soft fields. This model stacks up to 5.4 m, perfect height to work with. So you can stack 12 bales (3×4), 6 bales high.

*AutoStack FSX 63.72 is fitted with the latest unloading system – reinforced intelligent tynes – and independent hydraulic suspension on each wheel. Thanks to the extensible arm located at the loading platform, it allows two loading capacities stacking up to 6.3 m or 7.2 m. Therefore you can stack 16 bales (3×4) per trip. All Arcusin machines are fitted with its own hydraulics and state of the art electronics. The whole working cycle is fully automatic and can be done with just one operator, the tractor driver (no lever or joystick). Nearly all components are standard and from top quality providers. Since the machine has its own hydraulic pump, we request very little power from the tractor, just to turn the PTO shaft and pull the machine, so 120Hp is enough.

Multipack D14 from Arcusin is a revolution in the grouping and binding of bales. Designed for continuous work, with rapid cycle times, the D14 is a compact solution for binding small square bales together for ease of transport and handling. The compact and stable design provides for good stability on the road and in the field. Low over height, simple and straightforward design, are some of its key features. Thanks to the innovative drawbar design, turns of up to 90° can easily be done in the field, without risk of damage to the machine or PTO driveline. Hitching and unhitching is equally impressive, besides the PTO and drawbar attachment, only a simple 4-wire control cable requires plugging-in for use.

The patented bale transfer system provides reliable and gentle bale pick-up, without horizontally turning them, allowing for higher cycle times and hourly work rates. Bales are fed into the finding chamber, and can be bound together in groups of 10, 12, or 14. Binding is provided by 4 knotters, supplied from the twine box, which houses 8 rolls of twine. Binding pressure can be adjusted, and monitored, by the easy to use in tractor monitor. Following binding, the bundle is gently lowered to the ground by the rear tailgate, in a NON-STOP manner. The pick-up process is not interrupted, loading and operation continue smoothly. One operator can safely and easily operate the D14, and achieve great hourly results in the field.

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