JCB products receive awards for highest retained value and lowest cost of ownership

Two pieces of the JCB range of equipment have received awards from EquipmentWatch. The JCB 411, members of the wheel loader range have received the Highest Retained Value Award (HRVA) in the wheel loaders-small (1-134hp) category. And the JCB JS160 excavator received the Lowest Cost of Ownership (LCO) Award in the excavators, crawler (6.1-20.1 MT) category.

The HRVA award recognizes the JCB wheel loader as having higher retained values for the past five years than competing brands and products and the LCO distinguishes the JS 160 excavator as having the lowest five year total cost of ownership within its respective equipment type.

George Buckley, Director of Marketing notes:

“We’re proud that the EquipmentWatch Awards serve as a de facto buying guide for the industry. Buyers know what class and size they need for their fleets, but the Highest Retained Value and Lowest Cost of Ownership designations give them the objective validation they need to select each model with confidence.”

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All JCB medium wheel loaders feature an engine that meets Tier 4 emissions legislation without exhaust after-treatment (DPF) including the 411. In addition, with the CommandPlus cab it has a comfortable working environment no matter the operator or job site.

The JS160 features a JCB EcoMax Tier 4 Final engine which is 125 hp and requires no DPF.  No DPF means, no regeneration, no additional downtime and no additional maintenance costs.  To help maintain low ownership costs, the JS160 has a narrow long carriage which keeps the machine’s travel width at 8’6” allowing the excavator to move around from job site to job site freely without the requirement of statewide permits.

JCB understands that our customers need reliable equipment that’s affordable to maintain and which retains its value when it’s time to upgrade their fleets. We work hard to consistently meet and exceed those expectations with our equipment.”

said Ashby Graham, general manager of product for JCB North America.

Source: JCB