ALS: services ensured during lock-downs due to Covid-19

During this challenging time, they want you to know that while being focused on staff health and safety, they are striving to maintain all the essential functions, services and operations that you expect. At the same time ALS will comply with any local orders or requirements in the interest of public health and the health and safety of their employees and customers.

In this rapidly developing situation, they will continue to evaluate their processes and communicate relevant changes in their day-to-day operations where they may affect service. As at the end of March 2020:

All the regional laboratories remain in operation.

  • In most countries, they will be able to move samples to alternative locations for sample preparation and analysis if service suspensions should be experienced.
  • Their mine control laboratories will continue their work to keep the mines, metallurgical plants operational and provide mine-related environmental analyses.
  • In order to minimize person to person contact they urge you to leave your samples and paperwork in designated areas outside of the laboratory buildings.
  • They’ll continue to work together and to adjust their approaches as necessary given the changing condition to safely manage their laboratories while striving to provide the level of services required.