Prime Minister Justin Trudeau must act decisively to prevent a complete shutdown of Canada’s rail system at a critical time for the fertilizer industry and Canadian farmer customers who need our products in time for spring seeding.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Courtesy of

Garth Whyte, President and CEO at Fertilizer Canada said:

“Fertilizer Canada supports the right to peaceful protest, but key railway blockades are crippling the movement of essential goods and will do irreparable harm to the economy and Canada’s agriculture industry unless they are ended”

Farmers are trying to make up for terrible harvest weather in 2019 that also prevented the fall application of ammonia fertilizer in many parts of the country.

Mr. Whyte said:

“We were already facing a challenge to help farmers catch up and get the fertilizer they need in time for seeding in April and May. They can’t afford this kind of chaos,”


“We are only now recovering from the impacts from the CN Rail strike that happened just a few months ago. There couldn’t be a worse time to pile on with another railway disruption,”

Shipments are at risk every day these disruptions continue and as a world-class exporter of fertilizer, repeated disruptions to the supply chain will have a compounded effect on both Canada’s global competitiveness and overall economic prosperity.

Source: Fertilizer Canada



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