AUSA strengthens its commitment to the United States by attending two of its biggest trade shows

AUSA is continuing to consolidate its position in the US market, where it has presented its products at two of the industry’s top trade shows: the World of Concrete, which is held in Las Vegas for the concrete sector and the ARA Show in Orlando, which focuses on the rental market.

At both trade shows, held during the first fortnight in February, AUSA showed off its range
of dumpers and all-terrain forklifts, with different specifications tailored to each sector.

World of Concrete, Las Vegas.

Visitors in Las Vegas were extremely interested in AUSA’s most compact dumpers, which are perfect for this sector thanks to their small size and ability to handle any terrain.

One of the models exhibited, the D100AHA Compact, can fit through the doors of homes
because it is only 39 inches wide. Additionally, it was exhibited as an optional accessory for
dumpers, the concrete chute, which enables highly accurate concrete pouring.

All-terrain forklifts also play an important role in this sector, so AUSA showed off its 8,800
lb model, a forklift that is used to quickly move bulky loads on construction sites and has
an exclusive 4×4 drive, so it can handle any terrain.

The ARA Show, Orlando

During the rental industry trade show held in Orlando, AUSA signed some important
agreements for the company’s future business and it was also presented a world-first:
the 13,200 lb model specifications, featuring transmission with a torque converter, called
the D601AP. As with all of the brand’s new models, it features telematics systems that
allow monitoring the machine’s movements and sensors in real-time from anywhere in
the world, everything from the machine’s position on the map to the pressure percentage
of the accelerator pedal, thus allowing to counteract any errors or vehicle misuse. It also
features a digital screen on the dashboard, from which the operator can view all of the
information in real-time and access the vehicle’s error menu.

These innovations make it possible to cover one of the rental industry’s needs: the ability
to have full fleet control.

AUSA currently has a network of 22 dealers in the US and its subsidiary is based in South
Carolina, where it has achieved continuous growth in recent years.