Great Plains presents the new BD7600

Great Plains has revolutionized the folding box drill once again to give large-scale operations maximum productivity and efficiency in the field. The BD7600 features a new split-box configuration and a larger capacity — up to 3.8 bu./ft. Newly designed feeder cups handle all types of seed and fertilizer with greater accuracy and consistency. With optimum flexibility over terraces, the BD7600 offers producers legendary durability, seeding performance, and a variety of options. Here are some of the new features.

The new BD7600. Courtesy of

New Box Design & Structure

The updated frame and seedboxes demonstrate industry-leading durability and flexibility completing well over 8 million twist cycles in our lab testing (See Box Twist animation below). Seedboxes have more capacity and a new geometry allowing them to be filled completely without moving any seed by hand. LED lights can be added for fills in the dark. A new lid was designed to shed water better and gas strut to take the work out of lifting and holding the lids up. Extra-wide steel walk boards fold up for access to the feeder cups plus wider steps and grab handles make it easier than ever to fill your seedboxes (see Box Features below).

New Feeder Cup Design

The progressive, new feeder cup on the BD7600 Series Drills allows producers to meter large seed, small seeds, and fertilizer — all through the main box of the drill. Feeder cups have been rigorously tested for durability and designed to meter all types of seeds and fertilizer with greater accuracy and easier calibration to save producers both time and money. A host of features makes this feeder cup the most innovative feeder cup available on the market today.

Drill Command

Drill Command brings a new level of accuracy, convenience, and functionality to Great Plains BD7600 Box Drills. Intuitive and easy-to-navigate buttons with simple-to-understand icons make using this software quick and unintimidating. This option works with most ISOBUS compatible monitors, including Mueller, Topcon, Trimble, Ag Leader, John Deere, and Tellus Pro.

Source: Great Plains