Western Grains Research Foundation commits $2.1 Million to new research projects


Through a co-funding partnership with the Agriculture Development Fund (ADF), the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, and other producer commodity groups, Western Grains Research Foundation (WGRF) has committed over $2.1 Million of new funding for 16 crop-related research projects.

Terry Young, WGRF Board Chair, said:

“We continue to see tremendous value in a collaborative approach to funding research. WGRF partners with producer commodity organizations and government funding agencies to maximize the investment farmers are making in crop research. WGRF is excited about the potential impact these projects can have for western Canadian farmers.”

The approved projects include research into: soil health, intercropping, nitrogen management, agronomics for precision agriculture, herbicide-resistant weed surveys and surveillance, weed management in oats, fusarium resistance, clubroot resistance, nitrogen use in wheat, lodging, water efficiency in wheat and analytic tools for improved crop breeding.

Garth Patterson, WGRF Executive Director, added:

“WGRF established this funding partnership with ADF seven years ago. Since that time WGRF has invested over $18 million into 146 research projects in partnership with ADF and crop commissions. WGRF looks forward to increased and continued collaboration investing in crop research that benefits western Canadian farmers.”

A full listing of projects will be posted on the WGRF website once research contracts are in place. More than 500 past and present WGRF funded research projects are currently listed on westerngrains.com.

Source: Western Grains Research Foundation


  1. I believe in the 80/20 rule. you know, where 80 of all reward comes from 20 of the effort? Well, I believe your blog is that 20. I’ve added you to the list of sites that I frequent. Thank you for the in depth and detailed blog posts. Not many people are willing to do that anymore.


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