Agria presents side mower as attachment for the Agria 9600

The side mower for the remote-controlled mower Agria 9600 is the ideal addition for clean mowing close to the edge along obstacles – for example when mowing around trees and delineators or mowing densely along walls.

To use the electrically driven side mower, it is first moved from the transport position to the working position and switched on via the remote control. A safety light indicates operation. When it hits an obstacle, the side mower snuggles to the obstacle, mows directly around it and then flaps back to its original position. After successful operation, the side mower can be switched off again via the remote control and returned to the transport position or even completely dismantled in just a few simple steps.

Collisions with obstacles are no problem for It, because they are absorbed by the robust and spring-loaded construction. The roll off tyre provides the side mower and the obstacle itself from damage. A floating position compensates uneven ground so that the three blades leave an even cut. Work can be carried out in both forward and reverse directions, which prevents unnecessary and time-consuming turning manoeuvres.

The combination of this brand new product and Agria 9600 combines high area performance with finest mowing. It is available as an attachment for the Agria 9600 with 80 cm and 112 cm cutting width.

Source: Agria