Steyr innovation honoured

STEYR Q-KMS camera on the STEYR Profi CVT distinguished with Demopark silver medal
Also in 2019, the expert jury awarded medals to outstanding technology exhibited at Demopark. The STEYR cross-traffic monitor system was distinguished with a silver medal. The STEYR Q-KMS camera is used to eliminate restrictions of the field of vision caused by front dimensions which exceed 3.50 metres, or when implements are attached to the front linkage during road transport. The system also provides a perfect view into crossroads or at blind yard and street entrances.
In practice, the system offers numerous advantages. No conversion of the camera system is needed when attaching different implements. It is also possible to use the system in combination with a front loader. In addition, it is approved for use in summer and winter service by an appropriate certification of the German technical inspection association (TÜV). Both housing and camera are equipped with a temperature-controlled heating system for winter service.
This technical solution is offered ex-factory and fulfils the requirements regarding function, operation, image quality and display according to the recommendations of the official German traffic bulletin (Verkehrsblatt) 23/2018-108. The system consists of two cameras with a 70 degree opening angle, a control box and a monitor with a picture-in-picture display that is installed in the cabin in a user-friendly manner. The control box allows controlling the system via haptic feedback in the Multicontroller armrest. Additional cameras to monitor reversing, for example, can also be connected.
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