Results from the survey conducted by profi – the magazine for professional farming technology – found that spare parts from Fendt are the best value for money. profi Issue 3 – 2019 compared the cost of spare parts for 120 kW/170 hp performance tractors. The Fendt 718 Vario was most impressive overall, as having the best value spare parts.

Since 1994 the profi editing team have compared spare parts prices from all the different tractor manufacturers. This 2018 survey was the 7th overall, asking 42 official dealers about 8 tractor brands. 27 spare parts vied against each other in the profi price comparison, with categories including wear parts, non-brand and brand-standard spare parts. Wear parts for the Fendt 718 Vario cost around 10% below the average. The study also revealed the costs for engine oil, hydraulic fluid and cab filters. Fendt’s prices for non-brand spare parts – such as outside mirrors, brake light switches, door locks and ignition switches – were well below average. As for the brand-standard spare parts, including rear windows and diesel tanks, Fendt “ranks the least expensive, at just 71 per cent”.

Summarising the overall results, the profi editing team concluded: When we added up the 3 shopping baskets, even with replacement parts, Fendt’s 718 Vario takes first place as the “best value” at just 81 per cent of the average.

“We are delighted for Fendt and these excellent results. Reacting to the findings, Peter-Josef Paffen, Chairman of the AGCO/Fendt Management Board, says, “Keeping spare parts prices low is part of our full-cost calculation, with Fendt machines generally performing very well at a decent rate of use”.