New Holland Agriculture has further expanded the already vast T6 range with two new 6-cylinder models that were presented at SIMA 2019: the T6.180 Dynamic Command and the new T6.160 Electro Command.

Sean Lennon, Head of the Tractors product line, explains: “New Holland has a glorious tradition of leadership in this segment, with a wide choice and a unique offer. The new 6-cylinder model introduces in this segment a new level of performance with an extremely versatile tractor that offers more torque, more engine brake and more stability. Today there is more choice than ever for our customers and a T6 that meets the needs of every agricultural activity. “

New Holland T6.160

6-cylinder performance now combined with the award-winning Dynamic Command transmission

The new models introduce a new level of performance in the T6 range with the 6.7-liter 6-cylinder NEF engine: a robust and proven powertrain of the successful NEF family widely adopted on T6 and T7 tractors.

The new engine features optimized EGR-free combustion for efficient operation, combined with an HI-eSCR post-treatment system to meet Stage IV emission regulations: a patented and maintenance-free solution that lowers operating costs.

Thanks to the 6-cylinder engine, the T6.180 offers a higher torque of up to 12% compared to 4-cylinder models, with low-end torque that significantly facilitates restarts, and an increase in torque at intermediate speeds which improves the engine’s ability to deal with transport and in the field. The new 6-cylinder engine delivers a maximum torque of 740 Nm at 1500 rpm, compared to the 700 Nm of the 4-cylinder.

Furthermore, the increased displacement of the new engine improves the engine brake in downhill applications and in transfers, thanks to a braking force greater than 50% compared to the 4-cylinder engine. The optional engine brake for 4 and 6 cylinder engines improves the engine’s braking capacity by an additional 24%.

New Holland ProRotor C 760
New Holland ProRotor C 760

The new T6 models consolidated New Holland’s leadership in the 6-cylinder tractor segment

With the new T6 models, New Holland consolidates its historic leadership in 6-cylinder tractors in the 100 to 150 hp segment, based on a tradition that dates back to Ford’s 10 and 40 Series to arrive at the T6 introduced in 2013. Today, New Holland is the only brand to offer a 6-cylinder tractor in this segment.

GSM II forward speed management system (Ground Speed ​​Management II)

At SIMA, New Holland launched the Ground Speed ​​Management II (GSM II) ground speed management system, in addition to the already proven best-in-class efficiency of the T6 Dynamic Command tractor. An absolute novelty in the sector at the time of the launch, the forward speed management system introduced the CVT logic in a powershift tractor. Now in its second generation, New Holland’s exclusive GSM II control package adds new and exclusive features to the Dynamic Command model, while maintaining the main target of the GSM system that is to increase efficiency. The interface is similar to that of the ‘AutoCommand, with speed control on the CommandGrip multifunction lever, adjustable target speeds on a knurled wheel, Cruise Control and clear and concise information display. Performance can be set to favor power or economy of operation. The GSM II system works with the tools operated or not operated by the PdP, in automatic mode in the field or on the road, and with the possibility of using the traditional Autoshift automatic mode. The system is available factory mounted or unlocked on T6 Dynamic Command models equipped with IntelliView IV and complete CommandGrip.

Integration between HTS II and IntelliTurn systems

Customers using a T6 Dynamic Command with IntelliTurn system will now have the possibility to automate the start-up of the HTS II function for headland turn management. A new configuration option is available that activates the HTS II function based on the distance to the headland or from the field boundary when used together with the IntelliTurn system. The integration of these two systems allows the fully automated headland and the sequencing of the tool functions, guaranteeing efficient and uniform headland turns.

New Holland T6.160

ISOBUS III functionality

The T6 Dynamic Command models can be offered with the ISOBUS Class 3 functionality, which allows the tool to control and communicate with the tractor PTO, attachment, EHR auxiliary distributors, steering, speed and lift unit / front power take-off. For example, with the tractor attached to a New Holland baler with the IntelliBale system, the press itself can stop the tractor when it forms a bale, eject the bale and close the door. All the driver has to do is press the reverser button to start the pressing again.