Kongskilde presents the intelligent weed control for row crops

Problems with resistance and fewer plant protection products available provide challenges for weed control. However, increasing environmental awareness among farmers and technological development also contributes to the emergence of mechanical weed control.

The Kongskilde Vibro Crop Intelli series offers a range of row crop cultivators with intelligent solutions for the farmer, providing increased capacity, precision, and user-friendliness. All these elements improve the profitability and efficiency of mechanical row crop cleaning.

The Vibro Crop Intelli row crop cultivator can be equipped with section control enabling cultivation of the entire field. Section control is carried out via a GPS terminal in the tractor.

The vision camera mounted on the cultivator ensures, that the cultivator always follows the rows even at high speed and on undulated land and with an accuracy down to 2.5 cm.

  • Camera Steering ensuring that the crop cultivator identifies and follows the rows with an accuracy down to 2.5 cm
  • GPS section control for individually raising or lowering the sections of tines for 100% weed control without damaging the crop in irregular shaped fields
  • Large weed control capacity with working width up to 9 meter
  • Optional pneumatic grass seed hopper (FS Seeder)

Facts: Kongskilde Vibro Crop Intelli 12-50

The Vibro Crop intelli 12-50 is designed for 12 rows at a row distance of 50 cm, but is also available for 18 rows at a distance of 50 cm. For a row distance of 75 cm the Vibro Crop Intelli is available for 8 and 12 rows. The transport width is only 2.5 or 3.0 meter.

A new parallelogram and depth wheel is the latest innovation to this model, as well as a capability for a distance of 45 cm.

Each cleaning unit is a separate self-containing cultivator, with own depth control and suspension. The units always follow the soil contours without compromising on adjusted working depth, and the shares are always working at the same depth over the whole working width.
The cleaning units are mounted with the unique Kongskilde Universal or VCO tines. The tines vibrate the weeds free from surrounding soil, so that they can disappear quicker. The tines also improve drainage without disturbing the soil structure.
Special designed plant protection shields prevent weed, seeds and soil thrown into the rows. The shields are adjustable in width to prevent plant damage. The shields can be automatic locked in raised position when not needed or in a later plant stage.

Source: Kongskilde news

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