Fresh from the success of EIMA 2018, the Landini REX 4 Model Year 2019 will stand out at the company’s stand at SIMA in Paris

Landini offers a wide and representative range of products dedicated to the specialists, among which the REX 4 Model Year 2019 stands out, fresh from the success of EIMA 2018. With an original light blue metallic livery and matt black rims, Landini REX 4 has conquered in these months the favor of the public and the experts, also as a finalist of the Tractor of the Year 2019 award for the “Best of Specialized” category. At EIMA he was awarded the Technical Innovation Award for the Advanced Driving System, a project that increases operator comfort, focusing attention on the work in progress rather than on driving the vehicle. The hybrid system of assisted driving, through cutting-edge mechatronic solutions, facilitates the operator in all maneuvers in the field and on the road, allowing the stiffening of the steering based on speed and the automatic return of the wheels to the central position after the turn . ADS guarantees the full connection to the satellite guide, the storage and control of the position of the wheels during sloping and furrow machining and the cancellation of the effects of external stresses on the tractor directionality. In addition, through a single terminal, it is possible to manage the functions of the machine in any condition, since the single monitor in the cabin reconfigures itself independently based on the functions used.

Landini REX 4 Model Year 2019

REX 4 in the F versions and in the newborn version S, always with a cabin but narrower to facilitate the passages in the rows with wide foliage, is available in 6 models, while 5 are the models for the GT and V cab versions. The powers vary from 70 up to 112 horses, with 2.9 lt Deutz AG engines equipped with EGR & DOC exhaust gas treatment system without DPF and therefore without regeneration. As standard the Engine Memo Switch adds comfort to operations that require you to memorize and recall a specific number of engine revs. The suspended axle version is equipped with 2 oil-immersed disc brakes and the differential lock is guaranteed 100% by electro-hydraulics. To facilitate maneuvering in all terrain conditions the axle offers a steering angle of 55 °.

Transmissions with mechanical or hydraulic reverser and 4 gears for 3 ranges with the possibility of adding two options: Hi-Lo and High-Medium-Low, in addition to the creeper. Wide choice of PTO options, available in mechanical or hydraulic versions, depending on the reverser, and with two or four speeds (540, 540 Eco, 1000 and 1000 Eco).

Hydraulic system, available with double pump 55 + 30 liters / min. (60 + 30 liters / min. In the GT version) or triple pump 25 + 55 + 30 liters / min. Distributors (up to 7), flow selector and flow divider are part of the optional equipment and the controls can be mechanical and / or electro-hydraulic. The efficiency of the operations can be optimized by controlling the hydraulic utilities through an all-in-one multifunction joystick, by the electronic management of the working hours, the field register and the Landini Fleet Management protocol maintenance services, as well as the availability of telediagnosis in real time.

In the cabins with protection category CAT 4 a new pressurization system is introduced that isolates the driving area in defense from harmful elements released during treatments with phytosanitary products. The system works thanks to an on-board sensor that signals the correct maintenance of the internal pressure and the efficiency of the activated carbon filters.

Agility and compactness: Landini Serie 2

Landini Series 2, versatile and compact, is ideal for use in orchards / vineyards, greenhouse horticulture, open field and for municipalities. The models are three and develop powers of 44, 48 and 51hp thanks to the Yanmar TNV 4-cylinder and Turbo engines. At the base change (12AV + 12RM) the creeper can be associated upon request, thus bringing the total ratios to 16AV + 16RM. In line with the new construction standards, the instrumentation is simple and intuitive. The modern 4-post cab with ergonomic controls in the forward and lateral position with respect to the steering wheel guarantees visibility in favor of maneuverability. The operator’s comfort level is also high thanks to the powerful climate control system. The Series 2 is available in the standard version and in a new “GE” configuration (platform only) which, thanks to a careful design of the rear gearboxes and of the platform, it allows to obtain a 95mm low bed, a guarantee of performance in spaces limited in height and width, such as in awning or greenhouse vineyards. The 48 l / min hydraulic pump is ideal for serving the 1,200 kg capacity rear lift, the 2 or 3 rear distributors and, on request, a 400 kg front lift.

Landini Serie 2

Landini Series 4: absolute versatility

Landini Serie 4 thanks to the characteristics of power, compactness and versatility that distinguish it, is able to guarantee great productivity in multiple applications both in the open field as in the rows. Six are the models that comprise it: the three models 4-095, 4-100 and 4-110 equipped with 4-cylinder Turbo engines with Common Rail electronic injection, 3.6-liter Tier 4 Interim Deutz engines of 90, 99 and 107 hp and further three models of 69, 75 and 88 hp (4-070 / 4 080 / 4-090) always powered by Deutz but with 2.9-liter Tier 4 final.

Landini Serie 4 has an Argo Tractors transmission with epicycloidal gearboxes and front axle with optional integrated braking and DT electro-hydraulic engagement. Pitch of 2,230 mm for the three high-power models, and 2,100 mm for the three attack models. The hydraulics offers a basic 28 + 49 l / min pump for the latter and up to 32 + 57 l / min for the three higher power models. Configurable up to 5 distributors of which 3 rear and 2 ventral controlled by joystick, for the use of the front lift or a front loader. At 2 speeds and synchronizable with advancement, the PdF is used.

Landini Serie 4

The versatile basic change (Speed ​​Four) is based on 4 gears synchronized with three mechanical ranges to obtain 12AV + 12RM. Also available is the Power Four gearbox with HI-LO and electro-hydraulic reverser, for a total of 24 + 24 gears and 40 km / h at an engine speed of 1900 rpm, guarantee of containment of consumption. With the creeper the gears become 32AV + 32RM and the minimum speed is 300 m / h. The compact dimensions can guarantee a minimum width of 1.75 meters, making the Series 4 also ideal for specialized work.

Landini 4D Series, with 2 and 4 wheel drive, available in platform and cabin versions. It has Deutz Tier 4 Final engines for all 4-070D, 4-080D and 4-090D models, with a 2.9-liter displacement with maximum powers of 70, 75 and 88 hp. The transmission developed and built in Italy by Argo Tractors is mechanical with 4 gears and 3 ranges (with optional 300 m / h creeper). Electro-hydraulic control in the 4RM versions is the DT clutch, the PdF is synchronized at 1 or 2 speeds and the open center hydraulic system has a flow rate of 45 l / min. at the service of distributors and a rear lift with a maximum capacity of up to 3400 kg with an additional cylinder. 2 or 3 are the distributors available depending on the version.

Landini Serie 5: versatile and powerful

Landini Serie 5, the new generation of open field Medium Utility tractors, versatile and able to perform any type of work. Available in the 100, 110 and 120 models, it is equipped with Deutz AG Turbo Intercooler engines, 4-cylinder and 16-valve, 3.6-liter, with powers up to 113 hp and Stage IIIB / Tier 4 Interim versions thanks to EGR + DOC systems only. Driving comfort is enhanced by the Engine Memo Switch system, which stores and recalls the number of engine revolutions considered optimal for the tool used.

Landini Serie 5

Versatility is the key word in the field of transmissions with 8 configurations available: starting with the 12 Speed AV + 12 RM with mechanical reverse, to get to the 48 AV + 16 RM T-Tronic, with electro-hydraulic inverter, HML and Super Adapter. A 2 or 4 speed is the offer for the PTO. A 32 + 62 l / min hydraulic pump is at the service of the steering, of the 3 rear distributors, of the two ventral ones and of a 4.500kg rear lift with mechanical or electronic control (optional). 2,200kg is the capacity of the front linkage.

The 4-post cab is equipped with ergonomic controls for maximum comfort, a low roof to enter environments such as stables or tool sheds, a transparent hatch for exceptional visibility on the front loader “L80” controlled by joystick (option available from factory). A satellite guide system is available on request to achieve maximum productivity and profitability.

6C Series: productivity joins with design

Design, comfort and productivity are the main features of Landini 6C Series, available in three models, with 4.5 liter FPT-NEF engines, equipped with the innovative SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) + DOC system to comply with Tier4 Final regulations. The Dual Power system raises the maximum power levels available to 121, 133 and 140 HP respectively for PTO use and for transport. From the aesthetic point of view, which re-proposes the most recent Landini family feeling, the 6C Series has a compact appearance and a four-post cabin, which offers a unique level of automotive comfort. As for technological contents, the T-Tronic 36 + 12 or 48 + 16 transmission (3 Powershift and creeper gears), the electronically controlled rear lift with a capacity of 6000 kg, the 4-speed PTO (optional) and the hydraulic circuit with a capacity of 66 liters / min. in the standard version and 110 l / min. in the closed center version (LS).

Landini Serie 6C

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