Valtra’s fourth generation just got one stage smarter

Valtra will update N, T and S Series tractors above 130 kW to stage V emission standards during 2019. At the same time several new features will be introduced that improve operator comfort and reduce the overall cost of ownership of the machine.

Stage V compliant

Starting January 2019 Valtra T Series and S Series tractors will be produced as stage V compliant versions. Production of stage five compliant N Series tractors will begin in spring time for N174 models and in the autumn for N134 and N154 models.

The new tractor models are powered by LFTN-D5 AGCO Power engines featuring SCR technology. Thanks to hydraulic lash adjustment the new engines not only run more smoothly, but they also require less maintenance. N and T Series engines continue to be free of exhaust gas recirculation technology and on S Series the level of EGR is kept below 15%. This ensures that the engines run reliably and efficiently while reaching the legally required level of emission standards.

The design of the N, T and S Series stage V models has been adapted to accommodate for the larger after-treatment installations. Visibility from the cab, which was already on an excellent level, has now improved even further. On the S Series access to the cab has been enhanced with better steps and the storage space for tools has been increased. The tractors are now also nicer to look at with an updated tail light and new colour options available from the factory.

New smart farming features and customized services

Valtra models are also becoming smarter in 2019. A second terminal is now available for SmartTouch models on N, T and S Series. The terminal, which can be installed anywhere in the cab, can be used as a display for ISOBUS implements or to access an external camera. The same easy-to-use terminal with additional auto-guidance operation is now also available as an option for N and T Series Active and HiTech models bringing smart farming also to these more basic models.

“Valtra SmartTouch has been received incredibly well thanks to its intuitiveness. Already today we deliver 40% of T Series machines with auto-guidance. We are committed to delivering easy-to-use precision farming solutions and services to farmers and contractors, helping them get more out of their machines and stay in control of operating costs”, comments Mikko Lehikoinen, Vice President Marketing Valtra.

To allow customers to maximize the uptime of their machines Valtra also launches the “Connect, Care & Go” service offering which allows customers to access a range of machine services at pre-defined cost. The services include Valtra Connect telemetry, Valtra Care extended warranty for new machines and the Valtra Go maintenance contract available for new and used machine.

Source: Valtra news

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