Kuhn presents triple mower combination

Kuhn expands its triple mower combination to complement the existing 8.10 m and 8.80 m models. The FC 3525 front combination and FC 10030 rear combination almost reach 10 m in mowing width.

The new FC 3525 front machine has a 3.50 m working width, so forage flow can be deposited over a large width or in a windrow with adjustable width down to approx.1.30 m, adapting to the tractor’s inter-tyre width.

The innovative kinematics allow for vertical clearance of up to about 70 cm: an advantage for ground contouring and for adapting to the shape of the tractor’s front linkage.

The FC 10030 rear unit comes with 2 mower units that measure 3.50 m each.

KUHN  (FC 3125 – FC 9530)

Spacing between the 2 rear mower units can vary (to get a total cut width of 9.50 m to 9.90 m), to ensure a large recut width in any situation and mowing conditions. The recut width can be adjusted while driving and can reach 50 cm, providing maximum driver comfort!

The 2 units, front and rear, are equipped with OPTIDISC maintenance-free cutter bars. The discs have different center to center distances, this makes for high quality mowing and forage ejection.

The PROTECTADRIVE safety system protects the mechanical components from impacts.

This mower combination has a rotor with retractable steel tines for forage conditioning. Conditioning intensity is determined by both rotor rotation speed (which is easily modified via the gearbox), and by a system of adjustable sheet metal spacing.

They are folded hydraulically for transport position. The FLEXPROTECT side deflectors benefit from a longer lifespan, even when they come up against obstacles on the plot.

To reduce down-time and maintenance costs the machine is equipped with: quick-fix knives, a maintenance-free cutter bar, mower disc hub safety, conditioner drive by gearbox (no belts), a rapid adjustment system of conditioner speed.

Source: Kuhn news