The two combination machines Tigo PR and XR have already proved their worth on the field, but now there’s a professional class of these loading and chopping wagons, with new equipment features. The wagons can be ordered as of Fendt Field Day in Wadenbrunn.

Efficient and powerful

To even better meet the demands of professional, large companies and contractors, the new models Fendt Tigo PR and XR now have an even wider pick-up. The new working width ranges from 2.00 m for PR models up to 2.20 m for XR models (values as per DIN). The larger width means more material can be picked up and make it easier to drive into the swath. The wide pick-up ensures more efficiency and speed on bends. The new hydraulic drive also allows for greater flexibility with the speed of the pick-up adapting to the crop and condition.

Unloading time

The protection of the dosing roller drive has been increased to 1,700 Nm for both model , this speeds up the unloading process, and the wagon can get back to the field faster.

Blade sharpening equipment

Customers now have the option to purchase the new blade sharpener, FlexSharp. This device lets you sharpen the knives in the loader wagon itself, so you no longer have to remove individual blades and grind them by hand. Because the series of holes for the sharpener is flexible and because it is separate from the loading wagon, you can also use the device for knives from different machines in your fleet and for round baler knives from Fendt.

Main drive

All Fendt Tigo XR models equipped with the wide pick-up will benefit from an even more powerful drive in the future. The protection of the main drive was increased to 3,000 Nm, expected to boost performance by up to 20%.

Another professional

The Fendt Tigo XR model series will be extended by a 3-axle machine in the future. The new Tigo XR 90 offers a balance between the already available models Tigo XR 75 and Tigo XR 100 with a loading volume of 50 m3 (as per DIN).