New crawler excavator “made by Mecalac”

The 15MC is the result of Mecalac’s combined expertise in wheeled and crawler excavators. This expertise has lead to an exclusive Mecalac solution, combining compactness, stability, safety, accessibility, ease of driving, lifting power and economy. The 15MC, an unprecedented machine that gives a new distinguished name to the crawler excavator, “made by Mecalac”.

The best of both worlds for the new 15MC

The design and performance of this new Mecalac machine have been tailored to meet very demanding specifications. The result? A compact machine with XXL digging power, which can work very close to the motor yet offering an exceptional working range of 9 m. Equipped with a loader bucket with a capacity of up to 1000 litres, ultra-robust, it benefits from the latest patented Mecalac interior and exterior technologies that are behind the success of the 15MWR wheeled version launched in May 2017, i.e.: coupling of the cylinders, patented reversible Connect quick coupler, central control selector. Combined with a 100kW engine that makes it the most powerful machine in its class.

Ease of movement

Of a suitable weight in confined urban construction sites, the 15MC and its 3-section arm with kinematics incorporating an offset that allows work beyond the machine’s normal operating perimeter, combine power with compactness. Without special manoeuvring, the machine is always ideally positioned with remarkable precision on difficult sites. Be it behind an obstacle or as close as possible to a wall – the new 15MC can excavate, lift and load up to 50% of its own weight to a height of 3m with exceptional economy of motion. And the unique movement of its articulated arm offers a range of up to 9 m in a single action. A range combined with unequalled precision and power, which allows the excavator to work equally effectively close to or at its extension limit.

The new 15MC is also fitted as standard with 500mm tracks and – optionally – with 600 mm tracks or with a road liner as required. It can be equipped with a choice of 3 boom versions: the versatile Mecalac boom, the excavator boom and the excavator boom with offset. Satisfying all the requirements of urban construction sites!

The 15MC keeps an eye on construction sites

The human eye is still the most effective means of monitoring construction sites. This is why the 15MC has been redesigned to maximize the operator’s direct field of vision. At the back, the lines of the hood have been redesigned to merge smoothly with the rounded rear window to clear the operator’s line of sight.

The boom of the Mecalac arm folds, maximizing lateral visibility.

The 2-part retractable wind shield and the opening door windows allow the operator to be in direct contact with the site environment. With mirrors and 2 perfectly integrated cameras supplied as standard, the cab offers a new vision to the operator, who can now completely focus on the site environment while controlling his Mecalac machine.

Incomparable interior and exterior ergonomics

By adapting the upper carriage of the 15MWR to the 15MC, Mecalac has transferred the advantages and benefits for sites and for the men who work on them to create a compact machine for the urban environment. From the tank located in the lower section and protected by a 12mm plate through the ease of access to the components for ground level maintenance, to perfect cab accessibility that minimizes the risk of accidents, it is immediately obvious that the 15MC is a crawler excavator whose ergonomic design and equipment are unparalleled on the market.

Inside the spacious ROPS FOPS cab, all standard equipment is provided to maximize comfort and ease of operation for the operator. In addition to the sliding door and the refrigerated compartment, the air conditioning and heating, the intuitive layout of the controls and the large 7” screen combine with the camera to display views of the site as soon as the reverse gear is activated. In addition, with the 3 modes – standby, eco and power – the operator can optimize the speed of his machine and, by extension, its fuel consumption.

Whatever the requirements and demands, the 15MC guarantees maximum economy with its unequalled performance, the safety of personnel on building sites and a simplicity of use which ushers in a new generation of compact crawler excavators; powerful, versatile and ultra-mobile in the world of construction and public works.

“The new 15 MC opens the way for new approaches to excavation even in complex site contexts. With extreme compactness and safety, it proves that excavator operation in an urban environment can be synonymous with efficiency, power and fluidity.” Patrick Brehmer, head of marketing, product management & design

Source: MECALAC France s.a.s.

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