GeoVerra Achieves High Score on COR Audit

GeoVerra announced that they received an outstanding score on the Certificate of Recognition (COR) audit.

The external Certificate of Recognition (COR) auditor stated that the company achieved the three-year Certificate of recognition Health and Safety Program audit endorsement for Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario operations with an audit score of 96 percent. The Company’s BC COR Certificate expires on July 24, 2023.

The scope of the audit was based on a review of the directive and operational HSE documents and virtual interviews from senior and middle managers, supervisors, and workers. Observational visits were not included due to COVID-19.

Although the HSE team led by Director, Jen Alain, is pleased with such a fantastic score, they recognize it’s a dynamic program and requires continuous improvement. Jen Alain comments:

“Our safety program doesn’t stop at implementation; the growth and improvement of the program depend on engagement and feedback from the entire team. Employee engagement and continuous communication not only improve our safety processes but extends to other departments too. By building a community and environment that embraces change and open conversations, we see success in all areas of the organization, which is ultimately passed on to our clients and partners.”

This score isn’t the only thing GeoVerra is celebrating these days. With over a million working hours and zero lost time, the company continues to demonstrate its commitment to working safely, on and off the job site.

The COR auditor adds,

“GeoVerra should be proud of the impressive amount of work that has been done in implementing safety into every aspect of the Company’s operations since its inception less than a year ago.”

GeoVerra scored exceptionally high on the following categories:

  • Management, Leadership & Organizational Commitment
  • Hazard Assessment & Control
  • Inspections
  • Qualifications, Orientation & Training
  • Incident Reporting & Investigation
  • System Administration
  • Joint Health & Safety Committee

Summary of strengths and comments from GV team members:

  • Successful integration of xAltus/xWSP’s safety programs
  • Employees are appreciative of the expanded HSE department
  • The efforts to streamline/consolidate our hazard assessment documentation on eCompliance
  • High standards of our safe work procedures
  • High standards for survey equipment, regardless of the strained economic conditions of the past year
  • Strong support of our HSE department from CEO, COO, VPs, and Directors, which is one of the keys to the employee’s quick adaption of the new safety program

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