New Holland Launches UltraFeed Pickup Head for Forage Cruiser

New Holland has launched the UltraFeed pickup head for FR Forage Cruiser self-propelled forage harvesters. The new head has a 13-foot working width, ideal for handling larger windrows, improving crop flow through the channel, and optimizing productivity.

Photo courtesy of New Holland


“Our engineering team strategically developed the UltraFeed head to increase our FR Forage Cruiser’s productivity across diverse crop types.

The ability to modulate and equalize crop flow satisfies the FR’s appetite for production.”

says Josh Harkenrider, commercial hay and forage marketing manager for New Holland.

The UltraFeed head now features a robust belt-driven driveline that increases capacity, uptime, and service life. The new auger design smoothens crop flow into the forage harvester’s feed rolls, ensuring reliability in the field.

Photo courtesy of New Holland

A large roller wind guard has been incorporated to further optimise crop flow. This compresses large swaths ahead of the pickup reel, which is also beneficial in handling light windrows. Additionally, the integration of mesh to the top of the head allows operators to monitor crop flow into their FR Forage Cruiser with optional LED lights enhancing visibility.

To streamline routine maintenance, an optional auto greasing system can be added to the UltraFeed head to reduce maintenance time alongside new tine hardware significantly. This combination ensures operators and their forage harvesters operate daily at peak productivity.

“Extensive testing by the New Holland product validation team of the new UltraFeed pickup head confirmed significant throughput improvements across various crop conditions and cut lengths compared to past units.

With New Holland’s heritage in self-propelled forage harvesters, our customers expect optimal machine performance with minimal downtime and maintenance.”

affirms Melissa Kelly, livestock and dairy segment lead for New Holland.

Photo courtesy of New Holland

Source: New Holland

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