Eco Log launches New Harvester Heads

Eco Log presents its own series of harvester heads. This is an exciting and important step that makes Eco Log a complete Forest Machine Manufacturer, offering machines and solutions for profitable and productive forestry worldwide.

Eco Log series of harvester heads includes four high-productive models, each customized in different ways to meet the varied and many times demanding challenges of forestry – from first thinning to the toughest final felling operations. All models are designed according to the Low Friction (LF) concept consisting of five different solutions developed to achieve maximum production, optimum fuel and energy consumption and minimal maintenance costs. Eco Log harvester heads have also been equipped with Eco Log Saw Control, a patented system optimizing every cut irrespective of tree species  and external conditions, leading the way to high profitability and productivity.

EC 461 LF

The rapid feed, high performance, and versatile design make the Eco Log 461 LF the obvious choice for all types of thinning. The harvester head, which can get to even the most hard-to-reach areas, easily handles dense initial thinning thanks to its low weight and compact dimensions. At the same time, the patented LogHold solution and the proportionally angled feed rollers provide the best possible gripping in large-diameter stands.

The Eco Log 461 LF has been designed according to the LF concept, which guarantees maximum production and profitability thanks to minimum friction, optimum energy consumption, and low maintenance costs.

Experience an impressive combination of high performance and flexibility with the Eco Log 461 LF, a small harvester head with a large capacity.

EC 561 LF

The Eco Log 561 LF is a high-production all-around harvester head, designed to handle the various tasks within forestry efficiently – everything from thinning low-grade timber to basic final felling.

The LF concept ensures maximum productivity, durability, and profitability thanks to the fact that it minimizes friction, wear, and maintenance requirements.

The harvester head’s compact dimensions, combined with perfect delimbing down to 30 mm, allow the thinning of low-grade timber to be carried out quickly and efficiently with the highest quality. Three smart patents – LogHold, proportionally angled feed rollers, and Eco Log Saw Control – produce a harvester head boasting impressive stem holding, strength, and maximum production.


EC 661 LF

The Eco Log 661 LF is a high-performance harvester head that offers the highest levels of quality, strength, and productivity in all types of final felling. In large-diameter final felling, the proportionally angled feed rollers, in combination with the patented LogHold system and Eco Log Saw Control, deliver the highest capacity and production. In final felling of low-grade timber, the versatile design comes into its own and ensures high levels of efficiency and rapid feeding.

The LF concept, combined with extremely well-protected, smart hose routing, paves the way for minimum friction, the least possible downtime, maximum uptime, and maximum productivity. In addition, the harvester head’s variable roller motors generate an optimum balance between strength and speed in both low-grade and large-diameter stands.

The Eco Log 661 LF meets every challenge – flexibly, robustly, and efficiently.

EC 761 LF

With its power, strength, and outstanding capacity, the Eco Log 761 LF can take on the very heaviest jobs. Thanks to the proportional angling of the feed rollers, greater carrying capacity is generated the larger the stem that is being processed in this harvester head, which is designed according to the LF concept for maximum productivity and profitability. Together with high traction and an extremely well-protected, robust design, this results in an impressive combination ensuring maximum performance, reliability, and efficiency in the very toughest final felling operations.

The Eco Log 761 LF handles the largest-diameter trees without any problems, but can also perform the final felling of lower- -grade timber quickly and efficiently, thanks to its compact dimensions in combination with Eco Log Saw Control. With the Eco Log 761 LF, you get a reliable, powerful harvester head with extraordinary capacity.

Source: Eco Log