agria 9500 premium Track Mower Upgrade with 80 cm Cutting Width

Since its launch two years ago, the agria 9500 track mower has established itself as the ideal entry to remote-controlled mowing.

Source: agria

More efficiency due to higher area output

The new agria 9500-80 is ten centimetres wider than the known agria 9500-70 and offers a working width of 80 cm. Those who require a high area performance, now save even more time and work more efficiently. The agria 9500-80 can mow up to 3,000 m² per hour.

However, it is not only quantity that counts, but also quality – in other words: the cutting result is important, too. The agria 9500-80 comes up with its specially shaped mulching blades. These swing blades, made of hardened steel, not only mow wild growth, but also leave an even cutting result such as for visible areas in parks.

Source: agria

Powerful even on steep slopes

The powerful Kawasaki engine with 12.7 kW (17.3 hp) provides the required power. This allows safe mowing on steep slopes up to 50° (119%), for example along roads, retention basins or railway lines. The crawler tracks with non-slip cleat profile offer additional grip even on wet and loose ground.

Focus on safety

Especially when mowing slopes, the remote control allows the operator to position himself away from any dangerous situations and he is protected from direct emissions such as vibrations, noise and exhaust fumes. This not only has a positive effect on health, but also allows for quiet, concentrated and safe working.

Source: agria

In addition, the large 2.8″ display on the remote control provides permanent information on many machine statuses, so that the operator can fully concentrate on navigating the machine. A tilt sensor, which detects a fall of the operator, switches the machine off automatically in an emergency and thus provides additional safety.

With the choice between the solid basic version and the professional premium versions with 70 and now also 80 cm cutting width, the right agria 9500 is available for every task.

Source: agria