[Job Story] Kramer Telehandler KT557 Daily Performance on a West Poland Farm

In November 2019, a Kramer KT557 telehandler was delivered to a huge Kramer fan and farmer in West Poland, Mr. Antczak, who has since regularly utilized the new machine on his operation.

Source: Kramer

With the telehandler KT557, Kramer has introduced a new type of machine in the previous range of Mr. Antczak’s equipment because it’s absolutely versatile, efficient and sturdy. Mr. Antczak, together with his brother and son, Sebastian, has been managing their mixed farm since several years. They carry out work around the farm as well as on the 500 hectares of land and the 300 milk cows.

With their first Kramer machine KT557, they could work with greater flexibility, having already proven itself after a couple of months.

“It´s very rarely that our new telehandler leaves our farm yard without a trailer,”

underlines Mr. Antczak.

Most of the time, about 30% or more, the KT557 is used for working in combination with a trailer.

Every second day it pulls two fully loaded trailers with corn silage from fields from over 30 kilometers away. Moreover, it shows exceptionally versatile usage over the different seasons. In general, the machine is often taken for straw bale transport. During the summer, its primary application is transporting trailers with grass bales. Additionally, during harvest, it often pulls two trailers with 9 tons of grain each.

To meet all these work requirements, the machine has been equipped with many other advantageous options. That includes a pneumatic trailer brake, a tractor-homologation, an automatic central lubrication system, a rear view camera, an automatic bucket reverse valve (SRA), and a tilt cylinder shaking function, as well as a height adjustable automatic trailer coupling.


To ensure all that work around the farm can be done quickly, the typical Kramer quickhitch plate with three different attachments. Beside the pallet fork for simple stacking work, with the standard bucket without teeth and the bale grapple also utilized on a daily basis.

“The most important requirements for us to buying a Kramer telehandler KT557 can be concluded in three points: the easy handling and comfort in the cab, the ecospeedPRO transmission because of the smooth ride and above all the most important thing for us is the good reputation, because with Kramer and its dealer Kuhn Maszyny Rolnicze Sp. z o.o., we can life-long count on an on site support without serious failures of the daily used machine. They are robust, reliable and tough,”

summarises Mr. Antczak.

Kramer range of telehandlers with emission stage V

The compact model KT276 complies with the EU emission stage V with a 55 kW Kohler engine and exhaust emission treatment with a diesel oxidation catalytic converter (DOC) and diesel particle filter (DPF). The models KT306, KT356, KT307, KT357, KT407, KT457 (successor of the KT447), KT507 and KT429 are still equipped with the Deutz TCD 3.6 engine with level V and 100 kW power, which complies with the level V exhaust emission. For this purpose, the exhaust emission treatment with DOC and SCR will be supplemented with a DPF as standard. The models with a 5.5 tonne payload, KT557 and KT559, will be fitted with the Deutz TCD 4.1 engine with level V and 115 kW as a standard.

Source: Kramer

The Outside View

All-round visibility is a crucial consideration for telehandlers, and Kramer offers various options for optimising this. As well as the cabin, the FOPS screen, which protects the driver from falling objects, has also been optimised to provide ideal visibility as a result of the individual braces on the exterior screen now bending outwards in line with the eye’s perspective. This facilitates an uninterrupted view of the attachment and thus makes for safe, precise, working even when the telescopic arm is extended. The protective grating is available as standard for power classes KT457 to KT559 and for models with a payload of 3 to 4 tonnes with the higher cabin.

Additional highlights, such as an additional storage compartment, enhancement of the rear-view mirror, a mobile phone holder with two additional USB ports and an enlargement of the maintenance covers, which can be opened quickly and easily with just two screws and no tools required, all contribute to creating a more comfortable and flexible working environment with a Kramer telehandler.

Source: Kramer