Pape Machinery Presents Horsepower Requirements for Round Balers

If you already own a tractor and you’re adding a baler to your arsenal of attachments, the question you are probably asking yourself is, “How much horsepower does it take to run around baler?” The answer is that it depends on the model. Review the minimum horsepower requirements for John Deere round balers below before making a purchase.

John Deere Baler Horsepower Requirements

There are 16 different options in the John Deere Zero Series Baler line. Each model is listed below from lowest to highest horsepower requirements.


PTO HP (Minimum)
450E 55 hp
450M / 450M Silage 55 hp
550M / 550M Silage 55 hp
460M / 460M Silage 65 hp
460 R 65 hp
560M / 560M Silage 75 hp
560R 75 hp
450M MegaWide™ HC 80 hp
460M MegaWide™ HC 125 hp
560M MegaWide™ HC 125 hp
460R MegaWide™ HC 125 hp
560R MegaWide™ HC 125 hp


The low horsepower round balers, like the 450E, 450M, and 550M models can be paired with any of the John Deere 5-Series or 6-Series utility tractors. The MegaWide models that require a minimum of 125 PTO HP need to be paired with a more heavy-duty tractor like a 4WD or Row Crop tractor.

Source: Pape Machinery