[Job Story] How the Shifttronic Powershift Could be Useful for Feeding

The Shifttronic powershift enables a small tractor and a large mixer feeder to be combined.

Feeding all the cows at once

Although dairy farmer Eigil Miang has the relatively light tractor Case IH Maxxum with 140 HP, he chose a bulky 46-cubic-meter mixer wagon so he can use it to make one ration and feed all 310 milk cows in one go. Eigil:

“A large mixer feeder is practical; I can use it to feed all the cows at once, which saves a considerable amount of time.”

Eigil Miang

The same amount of diesel with a bigger mixer

The Shifttronic 3-speed powershift makes the unusual tractor and mixer wagon combination possible. The automatic gearbox ensures that the driveline starts up effortlessly and automatically shifts from first to second to third gear.

As soon as the programmed weight is reached, the Shifttronic shifts back down automatically. This enables the tractor to operate at the optimum torque at all times, which you can see primarily from the low fuel consumption and the minimal wear and tear on both the tractor and the mixer feeder. Eigil:

“I use the same amount of diesel with this 46-cubic-meter mixer wagon as I did with the old 30-cubic-meter one. At the time I also had a hundred fewer cows, so fuel consumption has stayed the same with more cows and a larger mixer feeder.”

Case tractor with Solomix 3 46m3

Saving on maintenance costs

“I’m very happy with this powershift: I save on maintenance costs as well as time. Incidentally, another big advantage is that this mixer feeder also mixes small quantities of feed really well, such as the 3-tonne ration for the heifers.”

Homogeneous mixed ration

Source: Trioliet